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    Goodell to Vick: Stay out of training camp

    It seems like the other Vick thread has taken a turn so I thought this deserved it's own thread.

    This had to be done one way or another.

    I guess Vick wouldn't take a leave of absence on his own so the NFL and Goodell made the decision for him.

    There's no way that the Falcons could conduct training camp with Vick there. I feel bad for Petrino. He's gotta revamp his whole offense now to make it fit Harrington. Everything from blocking schemes to play calling is gonna be completely different. All of that offseason work at mini camps just went down the drain.

    If Im a Falcons fan, I couldn't help but wish that Schaub was still there.


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    I said when the trade went down that they traded the wrong guy.
    Petrino is very good at adapting to what kind of QB he has. And if they stink, they will surely go after Brohm. This whole deal buys him a year pass IMO.

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    Re: Goodell to Vick: Stay out of training camp

    even if petrino adapts to another qb, i'm sure he's telling himself, "i left louisville for this?"


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