Now that I'm somewhat over the loss in NE, I'm ready to move on and focus on next season. That being said, how this team approaches the offseason will go a long way towards defining who it will be in 2012. I liken this team to the 2001 Maryland Terrapins basketball team that lost a bitterly contested game to their nemesis, the Duke Blue Devils in the Final Four, after leading at one point 41-14, I believe, during that game. I remember the leaders on that team, Juan Dixon and Lonny Baxter, looking crushed after the game and thinking to myself that there went their best chance at a National Championship. But thankfully I was proven wrong as those leaders used that loss as fuel to drive them to the title during the following season. When the Ravens lost Sunday, I had that same feeling as I had watching Maryland 11 years ago. But after hearing Ray Lewis address the team afterward, I think they'll be alright.