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    QB Situations around the NFL

    Kyle Orton likely finds himself in another QB controversy come August, this time between he and Matt Cassel. Matt Flynn will also likely be a highly sought-after-commodity. Even Peyton Manning might be on the move with Andrew Luck having been penciled in as the Colts' top selection in April.Toss RG3 in the mix and the off-season is shaping up as one that will involve a fait amount of movement in the QB ranks around the league.

    How do we think this will all shake out?

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    Re: QB Situations around the NFL

    seems like there's always a shortage of big-time qbs, thus guys like Kyle Orton or Gus Ferrotte always seem to land somewhere.

    I wonder about the 'skins. I don't know if they draft high enough for one of the elite college guys. I have to think they'll make a play for Peyton (who may prefer to go to a more established team, aka Jets).
    with Yates doing so well the Texans might shop Linehart around.
    that Jags guy--Garrold?--is still around somewhere.
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    Re: QB Situations around the NFL

    Impossible to say, but I'll venture some guesses for the fun of it...

    Colts - Luck
    Manning will be cut before the extra bonus money kicks in

    Jets - Manning
    I really have no idea where Manning may end up, but this is my best guess. I'm not familiar enough w/ their cap situation to know what that means for Sanchez.

    Chiefs - Orton backed up by Cassel
    That Cassel contract is about to get even more painful.

    Browns - RG III
    It would be fun to watch him play against AFC North defenses. I'd expect some significant struggles with lack of talent they'll have around him.

    Dolphins - Matt Flynn
    This is close to a wild guess, but the Packers OC is now Dolphins HC and Flynn is set to be a UFA, so there's some merit. I wonder if the Packers would try a tag-and-trade like the Pats did with Cassel. I can' imagine with all their young talent that they won't have another player they might need the tag for.

    ... if Sanchez is traded or cut I'll guess ...

    Redskins - Sanchez

    Should be an interesting off-season!

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    Re: QB Situations around the NFL

    The Rams will probably make out the best of any team, because of the picks they will get from someone who wants to draft Robert Griffin III.
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    Re: QB Situations around the NFL

    Why in the name of Matt Cassell is Matt Flynn such a hot commodity? Nobody knew who he was before the last game of the season.

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    Re: QB Situations around the NFL

    Quote Originally Posted by alienrace View Post
    Why in the name of Matt Cassell is Matt Flynn such a hot commodity? Nobody knew who he was before the last game of the season.
    Matt Flynn was gonna be a commodity even if he didnt play the last game of the season. People loved him for almost beating the Pats(i think) last season. Yes he didnt play much but he seems to have the makeup of a good NFL QB, kinda like another guy who didnt play much but when he got his chance he proved it- Matt Schaub

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    Re: QB Situations around the NFL

    There are enough QB hungry teams that just the thought of a guy who could be a franchise QB is going to generate some buzz.

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    Re: QB Situations around the NFL

    David Garrard is an adequate QB, he's better then anyone Washington have on the roster anyway

    If I as a GM was looking for an experienced QB to bring to training camp that is who I would get.

    Should be fit and over his back surgery by now


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