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Mike Chertoff - the person IN CHARGE of homeland security. His mother worked for Israeli intelligence. He holds DUAL CITIZENSHIP with Israel and America.

Paul Wolfowitz - Secretary of Defense in Bush Administration. Went on to be HEAD of the World Bank (but recently resigned due to corruption). He holds DUAL CITIZENSHIP with Israel and America.

Douglas Feith - high ranking intelligence official who helped manufacture Bogus intelligence for Bush Administration before invading Iraq. He holds DUAL CITIZENSHIP with Israel and America.

Scooter Libby - Dick Cheney's "right hand man" who was convicted of perjury and sentenced to time in prison (for covering up a CIA leak) - also had prison sentence abated by President Bush. He holds DUAL CITIZENSHIP with Israel and America.

Comptroller of the Pentegon when TRILLIONS of $$$ went missing

These are just a FEW. Since when did we start letting citizens of other countries RUN OURS???

When control of a country is no longer in the hands of its citizens, it's perfectly understandable why they have become angry. When both political parties are now under the thumb of AIPAC and function in unison to carry out Jewish foreign policy, there is little hope that American citizens' interest will be served.

We use to be respected and admired in the world. At one time Americans, as a whole, could tell right from wrong -at least most of the times. Now, America is despised for being a satellite operation for a nation having questionable origins, and which has citizens functioning in our high government policy making positions.

From this movement and control mechanism, TRUE freedom of speech has been stifled. Any acknowlegement of reality will garner instant accusations of racism and anti-semetism. So, in summary, American citizens being controlled by an outside interest group - with no acceptance of free speech to raise awareness....coupled with the fact that our borders are wide open and we are being invaded and overrun by members of a neighboring country -plus the fact that these invaders are given priority status from welfare programs, government grants to start businesses, free healthcare, etc.... Yes, I'd say it's getting pretty obvious why Americans are becoming "angry" at the federal government.
(can't remember his name) - He holds DUAL CITIZENSHIP with Israel and America.