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Going back to 1999 here are the MLB's drafted in round 1:

Andy Katzenmoyer, Patriots, 28th overall (Bust)
Al Wilson, Denver Broncos, 31st overall (Solid player)

*Mike Peterson was taken in round 2, Dat Nguyen was taken in round 3, and Eric Barton was taken in round 5. You could argue that these three were better than both Katzenmoyer and Wilson and cost a fraction of what a 1st round pick would have been.

LaVarr Arrington, Redskins, #2 overall (Solid, but never great)
Brian Urlacher, Bears, #9 overall (Potential HOF'er, muli Pro-Bowler and All Pro)
Rob Morris, Colts, 28th overall (Average player, not 1st round value)
Keith Bullock, Titans, 30th overall (Solid player for a long time, worth the value)

*Marcus Washington (2nd round), Jeff Ulbrich (3rd round), Nai'il Diggs (4th round), Dhani Jones (6th round), & Adalius Thomas (6th round) were all taken in the same draft and played MLB and OLB in some respects. Other than Brian Urlacher, all of these guys were just as effective as their 1st round counterparts, some more so.

Dan Morgan, Panther, 11th overall (Very good when healthy)

*Morlon Greenwood (3rd round), Edgerton Hartwell (4th round), Antonio Pierce (undrafted),

Napoleon Harris, Raiders, 23rd overall (Bust)
Robert Thomas, Rams, 31st overall (Bust)

*Ben Leber (3rd), Will Witherspoon (3rd), Akin Ayodele (3rd), Kevin Bentley (4th), David Thornton (4th), Larry Foote (4th), Andra Davis (5th), Scott Fujita (5th), DD Lewis (undrafted), Bart Scott (undrafted).

Nick Barnett, Packers, 29th overall (Solid player, never great)

* EJ Henderson (2nd), Pisa Tinoisamoa (2nd), Kawika Mitchell (2nd), Bradie James (4th), Mario Haggan (7th), Tracy White (undrafted).

Jonathan Vilma, Jets, 12th overall (Very good player)
DJ Williams, Broncos, 17th overall (Very good player)

*Karlos Dansby (2nd), Daryl Smith (2nd), Keyaron Fox (3rd), Brandon Chillar (4th).

Thomas Davis, Panthers, 14th overall (Talented, never healthy, bust)
Derrick Johnson, Chiefs, 15th overall (Solid, but took 6 years to really reach potential)

* Barrett Ruud (2nd), Kevin Burnett (2nd), Lofa Tatupu (2nd), Kirk Morrison (3rd), & Chase Blackburn (undrafted).

AJ Hawk, Packers, 5th overall (Solid, but not Top 5 worthy)

* DeMecco Ryans (2nd), D'Qwell Jackson (2nd), Rocky McIntosh (2nd), Thomas Howard (2nd), Stephen Tulloch (4th).

Patrick Willis, Niners, 11th overall (Arguably the best MLB currently in the NFL, potential HOF'er when career is over)
Lawrence Timmons, Steelers, 15th overall (Solid player, not worth of 1st round status yet)
Jon Beason, Panthers, 25th overall (Excellent player, hard time staying healthy)

* Paul Posluszny (2nd), David Harris (2nd), Justin Durrant (2nd), Quincy Black (3rd), Stewart Bradley (3rd), Desmond Bishop (6th), Brandon Siler (7th).

Jerrod Mayo, Pats, 10th overall (Solid player. Worth the top pick.)

*Curtis Lofton (2nd), Dan Connor (3rd), Jonathan Goff (5th), Joe Mays (6th), David Vobora (7th), Jameel McClain (undrafted), Gary Guyton (undrafted), Wesley Woodyard (undrafted).

Brian Cushing, Texans, 15th overall (3 years later and he's one of the top MLB's in the NFL)

*James Laurinaitis (2nd), Rey Maualuga (2nd), Jasper Brinkley (5th), Zack Follett (7th), Jovan Belcher (undrafted), Dannell Ellerbe (undrafted).

Rolando McClain, Raiders, 8th overall (Solid, off field concerns)

*Darryl Washington (2nd), Sean Lee (2nd), Brandon Spikes (2nd), Pat Angerer (2nd), Donald Butler (3rd), Navarro Bowman (3rd), Perry Riley (4th), Jamar Chaney (7th), Dan Fletcher (undrafted).

No First Round MLB's Taken

*Bruce Carter (2nd), Akeem Ayers (2nd), Kelvin Sheppard (3rd), Mason Foster (3rd), Colin McCarthy (4th), Casey Matthews (4th), Quan Sturdivant (6th), Greg Jones (6th).

So, in 13 years you have arguably 5 MLB's taken in round 1 that have met or exceeded their value, 6 who were solid players and arguably met their value, but never exceeded it, and 7 MLB prospects who were flat out busts or severly underplayed in respect to their draft position.

Like RB, unless the guy is something very special like a Brian Cushing or a Jerrod Mayo, the value of MLB's just aren't there anymore. Just look at last year's draft. NO middle linebackers taken in round 1 even though Greg Jones, Casey Matthews, Kelvin Sheppard, Bruce Carter, and Quan Sturdivant were all touted as having 1st round talent.

Now, Hightower is one of those guys where I think a GM is going to fall in love with his measurables. The guy is bigger than some DL'men and moves really well. He tackles well. He's smart. He's got decent lateral quickness. He sheds blockers well. And finally, he's got 3 years of experience in an NFL style 3-4 defense. Luke Kuechly may be the best overall MLB in this class, but he doesn't have the upside that Hightower has. If Hightower runs well at the combine and displays good burst and agility, he could propel himself into the top 15 easily.
Thanks. Seems to me theres typically one, maybe two at most, taken in the top 15 after that, youre looking at the end of the round or typically 2nd round for the bulk of the top players at the position. So ravens should have a good choice available, and may even trade back since they dont have their 4th rounder.