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    If the Ravens can't get Vontaze Burfict...

    ...would they go for Dontay Hightower instead?

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    Re: If the Ravens can't get Vontaze Burfict...

    My ideal draft situation would be to see Burflict or Konz drop to the end of the first round. I don't see either as likely though.

    I think the Ravens could certainly do a lot worse than to bring back Jameel McClain for a few more years. He's still relatively young, but I think we have essentially seen his ceiling as a MLB. Jameel is certainly a decent player, but I think the Ravens need an impact player at that MLB position, and McClain is not that type of player. Burflict has the potential to be. Hightower does as well, but I think his ceiling is a bit lower, although so is his risk factor.

    Dannell Ellerbe has lost my confidence. I'd rather give McClelland a shot heading into the future in the spots where we had previously used Ellerbe. He showed me enough this year to think he can be useful heading into the future.

    Ayanbadejo can still play, and I'd like to see him return for another season or two, but he's clearly not the long term answer.

    Watching Wilfork destroy Grubbs/Birk/Yanda yesterday makes me pine for a guy like Konz or Brewster all the more. Either of those guys can come in right away and start from day one.

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    Re: If the Ravens can't get Vontaze Burfict...

    I think Kiper's latest mock draft had us taking Burfict.

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    Re: If the Ravens can't get Vontaze Burfict...

    Quote Originally Posted by bmw600 View Post
    I think Kiper's latest mock draft had us taking Burfict.
    Didn't Jimmy Smith dropped becasue people thought he was a "head case"? Let's hope the same happen to Burfict.

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    Re: If the Ravens can't get Vontaze Burfict...

    God no..

    Burfict is a disaster.

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    Re: If the Ravens can't get Vontaze Burfict...

    I don't know much about him but I have seen pretty much everyone here or there say this guy is a complete nutcase with a short fuse that can blow at any time.

    No thanks.

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    Re: If the Ravens can't get Vontaze Burfict...

    Quote Originally Posted by RedSkins Fury View Post
    God no..

    Burfict is a disaster.
    Honestly 3 months ago, i would have called you crazy. But seeing as he basically got his head coach fired, and watching the national championship seeing how Dominant Hightower was.

    I would honestly take Hightower over Burfict at this point. Burfict is high risk high reward, he could be a dominant player. Hightower is low risk, and still a pretty high reward. I mean the guy is 6'4 260, if he runs a good 40, he will open a lot of eyes. I think he could turn out to be the best player out of the two.

    Hightower's 40 time will be very important, if he runs a 4.6 or so, he will be a first round lock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by duffybr View Post
    You guys think we need a LB after watching the OL performance for the past 2 weeks?
    I don't think it's an either or question. In the first and second rounds I expect the team to draft ILB/OL according to the best player available mantra. This might mean ILB first and OL second or it might be the other way around. OL, DL, LB, RB, and WR are going to be the the positions we pursue through the draft.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    This post is very misleading.

    Last year people were touting Burfict as the best MLB prospect since Patrick Willis and Ray Lewis. He didn't have any issues last season.

    This season the coaching staff was in upheaval and there were other guys who had issues far worse than Burfict. For example, I believe their starting DE this year has been dismissed from the program for failure to follow team rules for a 3rd or 4th time.

    Burfict is super aggressive and after committing a personal foul on a player the coaching staff pulled him off the field for the rest of the game. IIRC, ASU could have potentially won that game and why pull one of your best players over a penalty? The point is there was friction there prior to this season and realistically it was only this season that Burfict had troubles.

    Nutcase? No. I don't see that. I see a kid who basically just lost respect for his coaching staff and copped an attitude towards them. However, Dennis Erickson let it happen. He definitely didn't handle that situation correctly, IMO.

    Then, I think you have to consider the locker room presence here in Baltimore and how that impacts Burfict. How does playing beside Ray Lewis and having guys like Lewis and Suggs (also went to ASU) in his ear about staying in control of your emotions and letting your play do the talking? Those are legit questions that need to be asked because Burfict is the best MLB prospect in this draft until you factor in him telling his coaches at ASU to fuck off. He's 6'3" 250lbs, can run with anyone, hits like Mack truck, causes fumbles, tackles well, and rushes the passer extremely well. Had he come out last year, he would have been a top 20 pick easily.

    I think this could be a good opportunity for the Ravens to snatch up a guy with incredible upside and talent and let coaches like Harbs and Pagano school him on how to be a professional.

    We're not talking about a kid who has been arrested multiple times for rape, drugs, theft, DUI's or anything like that. We're not talking about a kid who was failing classes left and right and violating team rules for meetings and whatnot. We're talking about a kid who needs to be taught how to harness his aggressiveness and temper his attitude. He needs to be humbled and he needs a mentor.
    Totally agree. Thinking about Burfict in purple and black is one of the only things that has gotten a smile to crack my face today.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BleedPurple92 View Post
    Burfict's highlights are out of this world, i remember watching it for the first time, and thinking, 2nd coming of Ray Lewis.

    He has his issues, but they are all on the field issues. The pre draft process with him will be huge, talking to his coaches, seeing if he's a hard worker.

    He was a huge reason, ASU fired Dennis Erickson. Just saying, i read an article that called him a coach killer.

    I love our staff, because we go the extra mile, we talk to the coaches, teammates. We have to spend a lot of time with him work him out, see if he picks things up quickly... That's the key.

    If we do our Job, and he turns out to be a hard working guy, with good football habits, who wants to get better, and loves football, that's the key, do they love football? If we can get all that stuff figured out, then by all means please draft this guy, because talent isn't the issue.

    Another thing is his 40 time, really curious to see what he runs.

    If we draft, or even want to draft burfict or not, it will be because of the pre draft work we do, with talking with his coaches, and doing our homework on him.
    I guess that's really the thing at the end of the day. We an debate who'd we'd rather them take, but whoever they do take will have been extremely well researched.

    If Burfict is there and they take him, then they are confident that either his issues are non issues, or are correctable by strong peer leadership. Peer leadership is the difference between the pro locker rooms and the college locker rooms.

    If he's there and they pass over him for another backer, then we'll know they likely had concerns.

    If he's there and we pass over him for an O-lineman or another position then it's inconclusive because they probably just had that player graded out higher.

    I can't wait for the draft.

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