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    Defensive Linemen


    First, I am a grown man, and I am going through this grief. I didn't sleep much. The Ravens are really OUR team. We really do love the team so much.

    Thanks guys...

    Now, I want to talk about the DL. Make no mistake, I am not calling out our DL or whatsoever. I happened to notice that we had been having trouble "collapsing" the pocket for the last few seasons, even with Rex Ryan running the organized chao. As we struggled in the last few seasons, the offenses have become astonishingly explosive. We cried for better pass-rush from our DL, and we still do.

    I think the problem is that the "read and react" is no longer effective in modern-day passing game, especially for a 3-4 base defense like ours. I am not going into details as to why it is no longer effective, but I think it is mainly contribute to offensive linemen are having more leeway with the "holding". The "read and react" makes it harder to shred a blocker once a blocker has a "lock" on you.

    So. I think the Ravens need a philosophical change when it comes to DL. We can do what the Steelers do--shrink the pocket from the outside, suffocating the QB in the process. Alternatively, we can do what the 49ers do--DL has a GREEN LIGHT to rush the QB on obvious passing downs. Granted that the 49ers strategy might not always work from the DL, this is where a better--preferably a fast ILB comes in. That's for another discussion.

    Basically, we need to drop the "read and react" mentality. Our DL, especially the interior needs to get the penetration and get off the snap QUICKLY. Stopping the run is important, so is collapsing/shrinking the pocket. This will definitely help with our pass rushing. I know easier say than do, but we really need to take a look at it.

    That will be all, just a random thought. I've been frustrated by the lack of penetration from our DL, which allows second level blocker to reach to our LBs, effectively neutralizing our LBs.

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    Re: Defensive Linemen

    Ngata got be hurt. He didn't played well at all second half of the season.

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    Re: Defensive Linemen

    A better DE would help that a lot. As will someone who plays better than Cody.

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    Re: Defensive Linemen

    Yes, Ngata probably played hurt for the latter part of the season.

    However, I thought this had been an issue for a couple seasons now, especially the last three.

    Our DL hadnt been as vaulted as they used to be.

    Perhaps a better DE and a smarter NT are what we need? (I think we should wait out for Cody a bit)


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