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    What Did Yous Honestly Think At The Time?

    i know hindsight is great and all, but try and think back to what your gut told your right at the time..

    4th and 1, on about their 3/4 yard line, did you want the points, or where you thinkin go for it?

    To me, at the time i thought it was the right call, then, when the pats went for it it and brady scored, i thought, that killer instinct wins you a game..

    I didnt think it would come down to three points (ie get a TD there and we win) but i still didnt want to risk getting stopped and hand over momentum.

    what you all think?

    Im not blaming harbs btw incase i get my ass handed to me

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    Re: What Did Yous Honestly Think At The Time?

    I agree. They were completely shutting down the run at the time. To not take the points would have been stupid.
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    Re: What Did Yous Honestly Think At The Time?

    I agreed with it too. They'd been stopping the run. A FG would break the scoring ice. Brady's INT had to be punished and our offense had to be rewarded for its first good drive.

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    Re: What Did Yous Honestly Think At The Time?

    I said to my friend if I was the head coach I would have spent all 3 time outs, I could not decide! In the end the right call was made.
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    Re: What Did Yous Honestly Think At The Time?

    Definitely the right call.

    If someone had told you the Patriots would end the game with 23 points, you'd take that field goal every time.
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