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    sorry ed, sorry ray

    2 of the greatest of all time, came close so many times... always lost because of someone else.

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    Re: sorry ed, sorry ray

    Mostly Sorry Ed.

    He made the play to give the ball back. Man i would give my left pinky to get Ed a Ring. He deserves it so bad.
    Lardarius "The predator" Webb

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    Re: sorry ed, sorry ray

    Man, oh, man. Sick of this bullshit, every year since 2006 (well minus 2007). They contained Welker, Gronkowski, Hernandez basically shut down Branch, then that fucking Cundiff pisses it all away. He's terrible.

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    Re: sorry ed, sorry ray

    Cundiff is what he is. He cost the Ravens the Jaguars game that would have put the Ravens at home for this game. Now the drop by Lee Evans is another story.

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    Re: sorry ed, sorry ray

    This is what hurts the most, I think ... :(

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    Re: sorry ed, sorry ray

    They'll get another shot next year, and if there's anything we can take out of this season it's confidence going into the offseason.

    This young Ravens will be a better team in 2012


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