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  1. Re: Ray Lewis to return next season

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremiah W View Post
    I like Hightower.
    Dquell Jackson as a Fa may be worth a look.

    Still I don't think ilb is a huge need. The only thing I think we need is to play better vs road dogs so we host the title game next year.
    I like hightower as well. He's the type of guy you want on your team. Hard worker, loves football. He comes from Nick Saban's school of Defense, which is a complicated scheme.

    Burficts is high risk high reward.

    Hightower is Low risk, Pretty high reward. Maybe not as high as burfict but its still really really high. He could be a perennial pro bowler, Curious to see what his 40 time is. At 6'4 260 if he runs anything under a 4.7. Wow watchout.
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    Re: Ray will be back Next season....

    Quote Originally Posted by Teavo View Post
    I was shocked when I saw Ray Lewis trying to cover Wes Welker.

    I was even more shocked when he was succeeding about 75% of the time.

    Which is about 65% more than any other linebacker I've ever seen covering Welker, and I watch all the Pats games. Hat tip to Ray on this game. He was NOT an old man out there.
    I LOLed. People get mad when they see Welker beating Ray...why would anyone expect him to be able to cover him straight up?

    EDIT: He's Wes Welker. Wes goddamn Welker people!
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