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    Re: This feel worse than 2006?

    2006 was much worse in my opinion. Today, the Ravens gave the Patriots a heck of a fight and almost pulled it off...there are a lot of positives to be taken out of this game. I felt there was nothing positive after the 2006 loss.

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    Re: This feel worse than 2006?

    Nah. That was a great game today. Pretty damn good effort from a good many players on both teams. Just sucks we lost.
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    Re: This feel worse than 2006?

    We had the game right where we wanted it...Evans makes the catch and there are 15 seconds left ..... and then the ball comes out.

    I am gutted!

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    Re: This feel worse than 2006?

    This was much worse. IMO Joe played a great game. Stepped up on the biggest stage of his career and silenced alot of critics, only to lose. This one will stay with me for a long time.
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    Re: This feel worse than 2006?

    2006 was worse because we looked like we didn't even deserve to be there.

    Last year was even worse than that because we had a 14 point lead over the Steelers and blew it.

    We lost this game because our two biggest weaknesses were exposed.

    All 3 losses could have been wins.

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    Re: This feel worse than 2006?

    2006 was far worse. First, it was the Colts who deserve a special place in hell. The Patriots are annoying but nowhere near the Colts. Second, it exposed every self-inflicted flaw that team had. They shot themselves in the foot over and over. And it was clear those problems could not be repaired without blowing up the team.

    Last year was worse because, come on, it was the freakin' butthole Squealers. Any big loss to them just stinks about as badly as any loss can.

    This year hurts like any big game loss, but our team showed heart, many players played really well (e.g. Flacco, our defensive backfield, Pitta). And we were one play away from victory. Everyone knows that game could have gone either way. We fell short but I feel good about the future. Well, at least I will after a couple bottles of scotch.

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    Re: This feel worse than 2006?

    This is 100xs worse. That was divisional game, this was AFCC game, plus the way it was lost. Then SB is in Indy! With Raymond Berry handing out trophy, plus Ray and Ed getting older. Feel real bad for Ed,Ray,Matt Birk and Joe. Questions will always be around Joe. Joe won that game, but Evans....

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    Re: This feel worse than 2006?

    The loss that killed me was last year at Pittsburgh when we fell apart.......this year I think the team played well, and I have no real regrets. I thought Evans had the game there, but it wasn't to be....
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    Re: This feel worse than 2006?

    2006 was far worse. Today hurts, but when you look at the team, the future is really bright. Not so much with that 2006 team.


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