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    Man Jimmy Smith is a BIG dude!

    I am sitting here watching the Ravens road to championship on CSN, and they showed Ray on the sidelines talking to Jimmy who was TOWERING over him. I know he is listed at 6'2 but Ray is listed at 6' if I am not mistaken. Jimmy looked like he had about 6 inches on Ray, they were face to face so it wasn't hard to tell. he isn't skinny either dude has some guns on him. He looks more like a strong safety than a cornerback.

    He is the on guy who is big and fast enough to run with the NE tight ends.

    Watch early to see if he is inside matched up against them.

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    Hope he can handle Gronk
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    Re: Man Jimmy Smith is a BIG dude!

    He is a beast, fast, physical and even for his size has really long arms. He will likely cover one of the tight ends, he is much faster than either of them. After conveying WR's all year these tight ends will be much easier. Saw hi
    Cover AJ Green in college, Green couldn't separate at all from him. He is probably the best athlete on the Ravens. Would have been top 10 pick of not for underage drinking at CU. Which was blown out of proportion, all college kids drink.


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