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    On my couch with the wife, my dog, 1 of my work/tailgating buddies. Crab soup wings beer. Living and dying with each play.

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    Thank God for this thread. I'm called weird, antisocial and rude when I refuse to go out and watch the game with people. I get off at noon and heading home to be ALONE!!!!!! I can say, scream and feel any way I want and not be judged. Not that I care about being judged but I hate hearing peoples opinion.

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    Re: How are you watching the game tomorrow?

    Ill be at the game representing RAVEN NATION!!!!!!!! from what ive seen and heard there are a TON of ravens fans here, and it dosnt even count all the buses that are ond their way as we speak

  4. Re: How are you watching the game tomorrow?

    Quote Originally Posted by BleedPurple92 View Post
    I need to be able to yell at the top of my lungs, and break things, without being judged.
    I don't break things, but stuff definitely comes out of my mouth that irritates the wife who questions (judges) why I can't watch the game without acting like that.
    pretty damn annoying in itself.
    Can't help it!!
    My emotions get the best of me, and I need to be able to release it without having to be critiqued about how i do it.
    This is part of the reason I continue to go to all the home games.
    at the home games I'm not quite as focused as I am staring at the TV and don't get as worked up internally.

    Quote Originally Posted by Crow1994 View Post
    Got a new Ravens flag to put outside, finally taking down the new year one.
    If we lose, I'm blaming it on you!!

    Never change anything in the middle of the season or playoff run.

    I did that last year, and look what happened.

    My American flag and Ravens flag are both out there pretty well tattered and in bad shape... what's left of them.

    They will stay that way until this thing is over as they represent the team in general...
    Been through lots of battles, worn down but still fighting and prevailing.

    Too much bad karma changing them out.

    I really hope we win cus I can't physically change them out anyway right now, Just had shoulder surgery friday and have limited use of the left arm at best right now.
    Will Die A Ravens Fan!!

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    Re: How are you watching the game tomorrow?

    I'll be at my boss's house with co-workers (who I consider friends as well) and bringing the Hubby & stepsons. They are almost all Ravens fans except boss's wife who's a Skins fan. Mr Boss is getting grub from Adam's Ribs! Yummy! As for beer, I'll most likely stick to my Ultra since, if it's a tight game, I'll be drinking quite a few of (hubby is driving). I may have to start out with a Blue Moon.

    There is nothing like celebrating a victory with other diehard Ravens fans.

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    Re: How are you watching the game tomorrow?

    At home and carefully.
    Milk is for babies. When you grow up, you have to drink beer.

    -Arnold Schwarzenegger

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    Re: How are you watching the game tomorrow?

    The Excellector, precious light magic sword of the Great King Austin Lyle Forrester, shall be watching this game.....alone.
    "When questioned, the Elders explained that they were in search of magical powers. However, they're actually searching for the whereabouts of a certain ring. This ring is a legendary treasure that long ago was known to exist"

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    Re: How are you watching the game tomorrow?

    I was invited to go to HighTopps. But, I will be staying home with the family and we're going to have our own tailgate.

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    Houston, TX Y'all
    With 20-25 other Ravens fans living in Houston!

    First year of our fan group and it's been a huge success!

    Beer of choice -- 512 IPA.
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    Re: How are you watching the game tomorrow?

    Staying at home and watching in the basement. The artificial tree with Ravens ornaments,purple ornaments and pink flamingo ornaments will be lit up. On the bar will be the Ravens snowman(also lit up). Next to me on the end table will be the Ray Lewis bobblehead. The menu for today will be the exact menu we had for the AFCC game when the Ravens beat Oakland.

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    Re: How are you watching the game tomorrow?

    Quote Originally Posted by Everything_Ravens View Post
    I will be in a hotel room in Arkansas on a work trip hoping that the guy that said he would cover for me for those precious 3 hours won't call me back and say he needs me to come in!
    I'm in arkansas. What part are you in?
    Lardarius "The predator" Webb

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    Re: How are you watching the game tomorrow?

    We will be on a Disney cruise today. I will be at the bar at 3 to watch it.

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    Re: How are you watching the game tomorrow?

    As traditional for me, there will be no drinking until the game is over. Not even one beer. I'm saving that until the victory party. Got the Raven lights on, helmet center stage, and all of the other magic is in place. Wearing my lucky Raven shirt and cap. The script is written, go win this one Ravens!
    World Domination 3 Points at a Time!

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    Re: How are you watching the game tomorrow?

    Since my daughter was born after the ravens win last Sunday my parents are in town so me and my dad will be at th bar getting hammered watching our beloved ravens. Since I'm in the military it's been a long time since we've watched a game together. We're getting newborn Pictures done to Pass the time don't worry she'll be wrapped up in my flacco jersey with a football shaped hat!!

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    A Vegas sportsbook... Hopefully filled with disconsolate Pats fans in short order. I'll make 60 bucks if the Ravens win (which means we're doomed ).


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