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    Re: How are you watching the game tomorrow?

    At The Blue Ox with as many of Ravens Roost #44 we can cram in there. Uh oh, time to go!

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    Re: How are you watching the game tomorrow?

    Watching the game with my son. He is rooting for the Patriots and I am rooting for the Ravens. I am making crab cakes as well for the game....

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    Re: How are you watching the game tomorrow?

    Quote Originally Posted by Galen Sevinne View Post
    I am not one to want a lot of people around when I am watching such a big game.

    .... My wife and I will maybe have two friends over who are able to watch football like me in that they don't chat about anything that is not game related and not louder than the t.v. They are cool with me ignoring them or telling them to shut up and vice-versa. They don't gripe about Flacco or Cam or whatever, they just watch. A friend of my wife asked her if she could come by and my wife knew she didn't fit the criteria for an AFCCG Sunday and she was declined. She certainly thinks I am odd but any kind of idle chat during a game annoys the shit out of me.

    So it is my wife and I and maybe two select friends who watch football with us a lot and get the necessary etiquettee.

    Same, all the way. We are surprisingly similar!

    We are having just the hard-core Lot J tailgating group at my house today (Camden Yard, wxKevin, Ravenous52, Pat McGroin) and other local fanatics. (For the Cincy game, we had our annual larger party, including casual fans). I get very intense, and will snap and snarl if asked questions during the game - other than commercial breaks or half-time. Fuckin' rude is what my wife calls it! These guys are coming down all the way from the Whitemarsh vicinity, so we can all be equally intense and obnoxious.

    Like the Fanatic, I am better fit for attending all the games in person, or with the hard-core fans only, or else by myself.

    Quote Originally Posted by Galen Sevinne View Post
    I know some people are having parties of 10-20 people over with kids etc. I know others going to bars to watch the game in a bar setting. Truly, I would be fine sitting by myself watching this game.
    We used to have a big-ass Ravens Roost in Annapolis, with private party room for 100+ fans plus what was, at that time, big screen projection TV. I found myself way too nervous and intense during the AFC Champ game vs Oakland with all my fellow fans around, such that I almost puked. After that, I decided that the bar and big party scene was not for me.
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    Re: How are you watching the game tomorrow?

    Quote Originally Posted by Galen Sevinne View Post
    How are you watching the game tomorrow?
    With my eyes.

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    Re: How are you watching the game tomorrow?

    Hopefully not drunk and pissed off, LOL!
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    Quote Originally Posted by BleedPurple92 View Post
    I'm in arkansas. What part are you in?
    Little rock AFB
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