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Thread: So. Fired. Up.

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    Re: So. Fired. Up.

    It just hit me. This is like when I was a kid on Christmas Eve. The anticipation, the excitement, the restlessness. Only difference is Christmas never got spoiled. Let's hope we don't get scrooged tomorrow!!
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    Re: So. Fired. Up.

    Yesterday, I was shocked to hear Mike Francesa on WFAN take us. I was thrown for a loop by that. I almost got dizzy by it.

    I didn't get to sleep until 6:30 this morning thinking about the game. I've been anxious as hell all day today. So much so that I fretted about which BHSU shirt I'd wear today.

    I watched the Ravens/Pats playoff game where Rice broke the big run on the first play from scrimmage. Plus I watched Playbook where Coach Billick took us.

    Man, the Ravens and Ravens fans are circling the wagons. I'm too hype. For me, it's like Christmas Eve and those nights waiting for a blizzard or a hurricane to come. I expect the networks to break in and say a purple cataclysm is coming to Foxboro and the people are running through the streets.


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    Re: So. Fired. Up.

    For whatever reason, I'm so much more nervous about this game than the AFC Championship 4 years ago. I think tomorrow's battle, win or lose, should be one for the ages. After the 49ers-Saints game, I mocked the "Defense Wins Championship" mantra, but ended up respecting it again after the Ravens-Texans game. Tomorrow will be the ultimate test. Can our top defensive team win a chess match against their high powered offensive team?

    The picks on this game have been majority against us. Many people are saying we have a chance, but not a big one. To me, that's better, not only because we play better as underdogs, but also because I know everyone is making their predictions not on the Ravens vs Patriots, but on how Patriots have played vs how Ravens have played. Our schedules were VERY different, and that could be a major X factor.

    I don't know how anyone on that team can sleep tonight. I bet Ray Lewis is up at 1am, staring at the wall and wondering if he should just bust through it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Galen Sevinne View Post
    I feel sick to my stomach. There are three general possible outcomes.

    1. Ravens get beat decisively and I have to sit there for 3 hours watching the slow death of our season in agony.

    2. Its back and forth all game and I have to sit there for 3 hours with my stomach, turned inside out, hanging out of my mouth dragging on the floor with my dog chewing on it like it some kind of raw meat infested with maggots that smell like old toe cheese that I dug out of my toenails in my sleep and mistakenly lodged in my nose as I was picking it sleeping restlessly having a nightmare about nasty unwordly dark figures chasing me with daggers.

    3. The Ravens go up 21-0 in the first qtr and I can just jump up and down all game in sheer exhilaration.

    2 out of 3 scenarios are absolutely painful to experience. I have a 66% of pain and yet I have no other option than to watch.
    I'd say there's more like a 90% chance of this happening. You might want to put your dog in a crate just in case. LOL

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    Re: So. Fired. Up.

    Im gonna be f'n shit up nice and early tomorrow morning aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

  6. Re: So. Fired. Up.

    The media are too easily distracted by statistics. It is not easy to quantify statistics of a good, opportunistic defense. It is not easy to quantify the contributions of our offense to complete this BALANCED team. This team deserves respect, but they are not getting it. They will not get it. Joe Flacco deserves respect but will not get it. The only way get it is by beating the Patriots.

    For the Patriots, there will be next year. Their future is bright. So is the Ravens', but with one key difference:

    This team OWES Ray Lewis for his 16 years of service and leadership. They OWE him for his nonstop dedication to the team. There may be no next chance for him to get back to the Superbowl. This is the only reason he plays the game. There is no next year. There is no next week. There is no tomorrow. TODAY IS THE DAY...THE DAY TO PAY BACK SUGAR... THE DAY TO GET IT DONE...BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

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    Re: So. Fired. Up.

    So many players on this team are deserving of a SuperBowl Ring, but the funny part is, they are the only ones who can control whether it happens or not. I think Joe has been backed into the proverbial corner by media types for awhile now and it's time he came out and showed the world his medieval alter ego, BAZOOKA JOE.

    I want him to shock the non-believers more than anything today and pull out a victory for the fans and alumni of Ball So Hard University!

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    Re: So. Fired. Up.

    I CAN'T SLEEPPPPPPPP... Let the play already

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    Re: So. Fired. Up.

    Woke up about 30 times trying to sleep, eventually gave up. Crazy hype, the wait is killing me!!
    "Flacco stepping up and throwing deep down the far sideline... CAUGHT!!! Into the endzone, TOUCHDOWN JACOBY JONES!!!!!"

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    Re: So. Fired. Up.

    I could not sleep tonight, and I tried miserably.

    I am going to work on a paper that I want to have it published, but I certainly do welcome company at this wee hour. I hope to catch someone for a chat or so, what's not.

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    I'm awake and at work. Driving Down 895 I was blasting the song ball so hard. Everytime I start thinking about what's at stake I get chills all over my body.

    I get off at noon and it feels like noon alone will never get here. Let alone 3.

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    Re: So. Fired. Up.

    Isn't it me or the hours seem so long?


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