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    Re: Go get the job done (from a Texans fan)

    James, thanks. Watt is a beast. Wish we had him.

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    Re: Go get the job done (from a Texans fan)

    Thanks for the well wishes. I find it amusing that even in defeat the texans fans have so much more to offer this site than the pats trolls. I hope our boys get the job done as well for the texans will be a force to be reckoned with from now on.

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    Re: Go get the job done (from a Texans fan)

    Trust me, you guys have a lot of Texans fans rooting for you today. For some, they just hate Tom Brady. I think that's a lame excuse to root for the Ravens because it's more of a sign of jealousy and I'm not jealous of Brady. For me, I'm rooting for the Ravens because I have real geniune respect for the Ravens and their fans. And unlike a lot of hardcore fans, I have a list of favorite teams - Houston, Baltimore and GB (not because of their Super Bowl wins but when I was a child one of the first books I read from cover to cover was one of my grandfathers books called Instant Replay).

    Both Baltimore and Houston do their talking on the field, I never hear of anything stupid coming from the Ravens players. And the national media, IMO made a big deal out of nothing when Reed said Flacco seemed rattled and needed to step up. Wade threw everything but the kitchen sink at Flacco, showing him looks he hadn't shown all year and Flacco handled it pretty well, I thought.

    I look for Suggs as well as Reed to play lights out today. I'd guard against over-looking benjarvus green-ellis though. Bellicheck likes to try and flip the script.

    again, good luck, enjoy the victory and I'll be looking for the Ravens playing two more games this season, this one and the SB!

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    Re: Go get the job done (from a Texans fan)

    Quote Originally Posted by DarthCorvax View Post
    James, thanks. Watt is a beast. Wish we had him.
    I'd be lying if I told you the second the Texans selected him I was jumping for joy. I had seen game film of the players that I thought would be there for us and I was hoping for Kerrigan. but after the pick, I saw an interview of Watt after losing in the Rose Bowl. he was angry, sad, intense and hungry. That's when I knew we got the right guy.


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