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    Re: No Self-Respecting 'Skins Fans....

    *Expletive* the Slurs.
    "When questioned, the Elders explained that they were in search of magical powers. However, they're actually searching for the whereabouts of a certain ring. This ring is a legendary treasure that long ago was known to exist"

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    Re: No Self-Respecting 'Skins Fans....

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravens27Girl View Post
    You live in Boston? As a Ravens fan, I bet your life has been a blast this week
    The real football fans I know think this will be a tough game, as do I. Should the Ravens lose, next week will suck because the poseur fans who start talking crap only after a win will surface. Should the Ravens win, I get peace and quiet.

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    Re: No Self-Respecting 'Skins Fans....

    I generally root for the Giants for my NFC team, so *expletive* them.

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    Re: No Self-Respecting 'Skins Fans....

    Yeah, Redskins fans HATE us. It's envy really. We have an amazing owner, a GM that can draft his way out of a paper bag blindfolded, and a winning product on the field. They have Dan Snyder. They're tired of us being great and rallying support around the team. They still wish JKC had managed to block a team being here so we all had to be Redskins fans instead.

    The Redskins are insignificant to me, except for the fact that their fans are my in-laws and are constantly in my ear about trying to hate on the Ravens. The preseason game is a nice little thing, but they haven't been a relevant team in...6 or 7 years? And that was just because Joe Gibbs managed to put them in the playoffs one last time? They hate us, I don't care about them.
    “When I think of a Baltimore Raven - we go in there, we take your lunch box, we take your sandwich, we take your juice box, we take your applesauce, and we take your spork and we break it. And we leave you with an empty lunch. That’s the Baltimore Raven way.” - Steve Smith Sr.

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    Re: No Self-Respecting 'Skins Fans....

    I love how not even Gibbs and Shanahan were able to save that trainwreck.

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    Re: No Self-Respecting 'Skins Fans....

    I'm still trying to figure out how Donovan McNabb can't pick up the playbook, but Rex Grossman can.
    "When questioned, the Elders explained that they were in search of magical powers. However, they're actually searching for the whereabouts of a certain ring. This ring is a legendary treasure that long ago was known to exist"

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    Re: No Self-Respecting 'Skins Fans....

    F the Deadskins! Today is about the Ravens!!!

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    Re: No Self-Respecting 'Skins Fans....

    I grew up in a house where my step dad and step brothers were Redskin fans. It was during the Jurgenson era ( Unitas in Balt). All I ever heard was Jurgenson is better then Unitas. the Colts stink. All I ever saw was the Colts in the playoffs and Unitas was pretty damn good. Of course this was before the George Allen era,Lombardi and the guy after. Allen came and made the team pretty good, as the Colts were declining.
    My point is to this day I cannot root for the Redskins ever, and think Jurgenson is the most overrated player to play in the NFL along with Marino.
    So Redskins fans root for NE or whomever you wish, not Baltimore. In fact they should root for the Giants if they make it to the Super Bowl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Excellector View Post
    I can understand where he is coming from. I will always be an Orioles fan. It would be like an Orioles fan becoming a Red Sox fan, because Angelos does not seem sincere in wanting to bring a winning team back to the city. It is not easy, but it is unreasonable loyalty. That is what being a fan is all about. People tend to forget that 'Fan' is short for 'Fanatic'.
    Me and you both! I can't root for another franchise. It's in me to be an Orioles fan. All the disappointments, all the broken promises, the lack of player development and no splash at free agency year after year. The Ravens and Orioles are in my blood. I didn't chose to be this way, its in my blood.

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