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  1. Sports Kings Mock Draft

    Check out this mock draft & see who the Ravens draft:


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    Re: Sports Kings Mock Draft

    So I take it you predict the packers win the Superbowl?

    Good mock draft.

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    Re: Sports Kings Mock Draft

    Nice. Only issue is the Ravens will be picking 32nd. :)

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    Re: Sports Kings Mock Draft

    Alshon Jeffrey going after Kenall Wright Jr?

    I don't know man...that's a tough call to make.
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    Re: Sports Kings Mock Draft

    The more i think about it, the more i think if it comes down to a WR, like Jeffery's or Floyd or A LB. We'll go Reciever.

    Also, honestly i cant see Ozzie taking a chance on Burfict, the more i think about it. If all the Recievers are gone, he could go Hightower over Burfict.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dscola31 View Post
    So I take it you predict the packers win the Superbowl?

    Good mock draft.
    Got Green Bay picking 28th! And I used the ESPN draft order currently posted (believe its based on Vegas odds), but I do think the Ravens will be drafting where I have them at the moment. Never know though! 2.0 will have the final draft order.

    I had Wright going before Jeffery because Houston needs more of a Wright type receiver vs Jeffery. Could happen though. Maybe HOU trades down?

    Love the feedback though, will use the fan message boards for when I do 2.0 next month, so good or bad feedback really helps.


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    Re: Sports Kings Mock Draft

    Ravens took a gamble on Jimmy Smith with character issues last year, but we don't do that often...

    I'm not a huge follower of college football, is there any LT candidates on the board after this guy's 32 picks? I don't see us grabbing a WR unless a guy with Top 20 talent falls to our spot. I'd say a S or LT is more likely. Remember, if you look over our safety group, we may need to replace 3 of the 4 guys soon (Reed retiring is likely in next few years, Zbikowski is a depth guy but will he accept a contract at that level? and Pollard is only signed for one more year...Nakamura is also going to be a free agent, but I think we re-sign him as a ST/depth guy).
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