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    Re: Two Minutes Left, 80 yards to go. Who Do you Trust More?

    I would want the lead. Every time. There is no guarantee you are going to score, and there is no guarantee the other team is going to score. The only guarantee at that point is that you have a four point lead. I'll take that guarantee.

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    Re: Two Minutes Left, 80 yards to go. Who Do you Trust More?

    Really interesting question, I'm gonna go ahead and answer this generally and not just in this AFCCG situation because this is too interesting to just look at today's game.

    Give me defense 9/10 times. The difference between the Ravens O and D is that 2 out of 3 of this defense's primary strengths (1. stopping the run, 2. creating turnovers, 3. red zone efficiency) are useful in a 2 minute situation. I trust Ngata, Ray, Suggs, Reed (and in fact Webb) to come up with a big play more than I do Joe Flacco to lead a methodical drive because that's what the team is built around.

    In the circumstances you gave against the Patriots this question is wholly different because of how uniquely terrible the Pats' D is. I think this game is the only time I'd choose the 4 point deficit, the difference between the Pats' D and O is so huge that you have to choose to face Arrington, Chung et al - they're so terrible that they go beyond normal thinking in this situation.

    Just btw, for every game winning drive Flacco has led there been a comparable situation where he's failed: the 92 yard drive in Pittsburgh was great but people forget that we were 12-7 down against the Jags with 1 drive left; Joe threw a pick. I'm not a Flacco hater, I just have more confidence in our defense to come up big when it really, really matters.

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    Re: Two Minutes Left, 80 yards to go. Who Do you Trust More?

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    I think the Ravens' offense vs the Pats D with the game on the line is a better match up than the Ravens D vs the Pats' O.
    If this is the case we might not ever be in a late minute drive. Our defense will have to keep us in the game. So in the end to me unless brady has been marching up and down to bring them back id keep whats working. Same with flacco and the offense. If hes in a rhythym and marching up and down wed be better off with him. Its a great question, i would say defense to hold simply because we have more vets on that side that this means so much more to as well as being better prepared to deal with the pressure. Good debate im just hoping it doesnt come down to that and we have a 2 score lead.

    Nc has a good point though. 2 min drill isnt a steong suit for our d.

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    Re: Two Minutes Left, 80 yards to go. Who Do you Trust More?

    hmmmmm, would I rather put the game in the hands of a top ranked defense or a mediocre brainer.


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