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    Re: Cam Cameron

    More on the Cosell quote criticizing Cam's offense.

    "The Ravens' receiving corps could be the absolute worst in the NFL when it comes to getting open versus man coverage," Cosell said. "They don't do an awful lot to get them open versus man — you don't see a lot of the stack release concepts, or all the "man-beater" concepts. No bunch, no stack release. No rub elements. They don't do a lot to help their receivers win versus man. I'm not going to defend Flacco, but I think it's very difficult to … it seemed that last week [against the Houston Texans] the route tree was a go route and a screen. I said this to one of my guys [while I was watching the Baltimore] tape — 'I feel like I'm watching a 1960s offense.' Every play, there was one receiver to the right, and one receiver to the left, often two backs or two tight ends, and that was every play, it seemed."

    Looks like Cam was told about the quote and responded:

    Cameron was actually asked about this quote in his Thursday media session, and this was his reply: "We're trying to build an offense to win division championships," he said. "That's what it's about to us. They said the same thing about us in San Diego when we were the No. 1 offense in the league. So, when you've seen and heard all of those things over the years, you don't let that deter what you believe, and what you believe as a program, and what our head coach believes. We are an outdoor team in a tough division. I think the people I would listen to the most are people that have been in this division and that know what it's like -- the men on the ground in this division, that have to go out and compete in these stadiums against these defenses. That's how we're built. There's probably some predictability to it. If they can just keep predicting we're winning, then that's the prediction that I am going to be happy with."
    Not gonna cut it, Malcolm.

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    Re: Cam Cameron


    So everything I've said about Cam's been said in this thread by both Ravens fans and non-fans in the media:

    1. Cam's offense is antiquated.
    2. Cam's passing plays take too long to develop, especially given how bad our offensive line has played.
    3. Cam doesn't put players in the best position to make plays and succeed.
    4. Cam doesn't make in-game adjustments.
    5. Cam is stubborn.

    I really hope they didn't pack their "20 points wins this" offense because they might need their "56 points win this" offense, in case they have one.

    Cameron was actually asked about this quote in his Thursday media session, and this was his reply: "We're trying to build an offense to win division championships," he said.
    Division championships? Well, Ray always says he's playing to win a Super Bowl. I feel like all I can say is I hope Cam can overcome his loser attitude and we can win it all and then Cam goes to pursue other opportunities.

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    Re: Cam Cameron

    The Ravens will ultimate win this game - if for no other reason than Cam Cameron will be gone for 2012.

    The memory of the Ravens loss to Pittsburgh last year is a faint, receeding memory. The memory of Cam still here in 2011 is like a festering wound that won't heal. It won't be that way next year (irrespective of the outcome of todays game) - you can take it to the bank!

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    Re: Cam Cameron

    Cam has preached that his gameplan's are 'Winning Gameplans', and so far Ravens recordwise...he is pretty much right (I'm on the Cam must go side, FYI). This game against an offensive juggernaut is probably the litmus test within the organization on whether he'll be back or not. If our O plays well and wins... I seriously think with Harbs support on his side + a SB apperance or victory makes it tough to justify any coaching changes.... I bet Cam is back. Lose today... Likely out.

    Probably.. Hue

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    Re: Cam Cameron

    Quote Originally Posted by ravensnhokies View Post
    Probably.. Hue
    No way in hell the Ravens take Hue back.

    He sets fire to everything he touches and when you have a front office that looks for a drama-free coaching staff, Hue is on the outside looking in.
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