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    Re: Rex predicts Ravens win

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenalytics View Post
    What's to say Bill Belichick isn't calling up Tomlin either?
    58 - 27 says BB didnt need his advice...

    prepared to <spit> and <swear> at any minute.. blame it on PMS!


  2. Re: Rex predicts Ravens win

    Rex's is a blowhard but his teams have eliminated the Patriots the last two years.

    The Patriots Defense is beyond "woeful" and has given up huge chunks of real estate to pretty average offenses all year long. Ravens can pressure Brady witout blitzing. I see a long day ahead for the Patriots.

    Also, being a greater Bostonian, I've been listening this past wek to our sportscasters, newspaper columnists and assorted talking heads being pretty dismissive of the Ravens and talking about a Gmen - Patriots SB rematch (where we win big of course in their dreams). Those of us that are honest about it know the Patriots are fatally flawed.

    Also, I have a boatload of relatives from the greater Towson area, so I will still have a team to root for in the superbowl regardless.

    Good luck, hoping for a competitive game, but I'm smelling a Ravens win 35 - 9.


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    Re: Rex predicts Ravens win

    =Johnnie Walker Gold;Good luck, hoping for a competitive game, but I'm smelling a Ravens win 35 - 9.

    WOW! I hope you're right, but according to the talking heads the ravens should not have even made the trip to Foxboro.

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    Re: Rex predicts Ravens win

    Even if we lose I don't see NE beating the Giants. I think we would have a hard time with NY but I bet San Fran knocks them off tonight anyway.

  5. Re: Rex predicts Ravens win

    G-man have the best balance and are the team to beat.

    I'm sticking to the Raven's prediction.

    Looks like they finally figured out all you have to do is throw the ball downfield, our dbacks can't cover anyone.

    Brady looks shaky, making some bad throws. Ravens are making hm hurry = Brady mistakes. He's good but he's not God.


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