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    Patriots offense.

    I'm too busy(lazy) to actually look it up, but does anyone know the average rank of the defenses the Patriots faced this year?

    A lot of people thought that the performance against Denver was against a good Denver defense(myself included), but I just looked it up and Denver's defense actually pretty much sucked. Ranked 20th.

    The Jet's were the 5th ranked, but Miami was middle of the pack, and the Bill's were one of the worst. How many top 10 defenses did they face this year, outside of the Jets, I wonder? Steeler @ 1, Philly @ 8 the only other ones?

    Steelers, obviously, but they got manhandled. The Giants similarly, but the Giants defense also was one of the worst.

    Oakland was bad, KC and Philly were decent. Redskins, Chargers middle of the pack.

    Clearly the Pats are a very good offensive team, I wonder though how much of that was them feasting on some mediocre D's?

    Ravens conversely played what, 12 games against top 10 defenes, and managed to finish @ 15 offensively?

    I think the Pats are going to score their points on us, but the question is will their #2 offense vs our #3 defense offset our #15 offense vs their #31 defense? Not only are they #31, there is a wide gap between #30 and #31.

    The more I have been looking into #'s and averages, and the schedule, the more I'm getting the feeling this game is more winnable then initially thought.

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    Re: Patriots offense.

    Dont have that info but i know when they played Pitt and the Giants they couldn't score more than 20 points.
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    Re: Patriots offense. is the list of passing defenses -

    Funny how the Ravens didn't face a team worse then 17th (Arizona) against the pass. Yet, they get killed on a daily basis rounds these parts.

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    Re: Patriots offense.

    Here is the link with a list of defensive rankings by total defense.

    Total Defense

    Side note about the Dolphins, they (I think) were better than there ranking, their corners really turned it on the second half of the season and the whole D turned around.
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    Re: Patriots offense.

    Of course, the important stat for defense is Points allowed. (We here in Baltimore respect that stat). The Pats are #15 in Points allowed

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    Re: Patriots offense.

    Quote Originally Posted by gaiusrex View Post
    Of course, the important stat for defense is Points allowed. (We here in Baltimore respect that stat). The Pats are #15 in Points allowed
    Even going by points, it would seem the Ravens offense vs Pats defense > Pats offense vs Ravens defense.

    I think the real "X" factor in this game is going to be our offensive line. If they can protect Flacco, he will have a field day against that secondary.

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    Re: Patriots offense.

    Actually the Steelers offense kept keep away from Brady in their game.
    The Steelers had the ball almost 40 minutes.
    Long drives to keep Brady on the sideline.
    Brady ended with 198 yards passing and 2 TDs.
    The Steelers were able to exploit the Pat defense and drive down their throat, eating the clock and score.
    Andre Carter, the Pats best pass rusher had 2 sacks in that game. He is on IR now.
    The Steeler defense made a stop at the end to seal the deal.

    This game hinges on the Ravens offense against the Pats defense.
    The Ravens have the talent to do what the Steelers did.
    It is simply up to the Ravens coaching staff (Cam) to create the right game plan to get the receivers open.

    I believe Cam's job is on the line whether he knows it or not.
    And it is time for Joe to put this offense on his back against THESE Patriots.
    Pass to run. Move the chains. Eat the clock, score touchdowns.

    Against the number one defense in their house, Joe threw for 300 yards and drove them 92 yards to win.
    Joe should be able to pick them apart.
    The Ravens defense just needs to make a few stops and maybe one turnover if the offense does it's job.


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