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    Re: Old Fashioned Offense

    Quote Originally Posted by NCRAVEN View Post
    You heard it here first, Our first offensive play will be a flea-flicker!
    Funny, same thought crossed my mind. Or maybe a reverse off a fake handoff to Rice. If Belichik loads up the box on the first play to prevent a repeat of the 2009 wild-card game, let them overplay the off-tackle right & burn them for it. At least give Joe the option of audibling into something like that if he sees the opportunity.

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    Re: Old Fashioned Offense

    Ravens likely have another TD Sunday if Cam calls fake plunge at goal line and has Flacco pass to an open receiver on fourth and goal. Like what worked in the first quarter. But that's imaginative.

    There were no rollouts, no draws, little motion by receivers (as usual.) What will we see this time?

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    Re: Old Fashioned Offense

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    why don't they run an offense like the saints, packers or all those other teams that are sitting at home?

    I'd rather be in the AFCC
    So we should run an offense like the Packers did last year, just not the one this year?


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