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    Ravens Need Your Vote!

    With just three more days to go, we are soooooo close to winning a tempt destiny billboard in support of the Ravens Super Bowl bid. My friends and I have been walking-the-walk in making this happen but we could use some help. Here's the current vote totals:

    49'ERS 8719 votes, GIANTS 8585 votes, PATRIOTS 8269 votes, RAVENS 8604 votes

    Its free, so why not?

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    Re: Ravens Need Your Vote!

    WOW! You guys are awesome! We just jumped to 8742 Ravens votes!

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    Re: Ravens Need Your Vote!

    We are gaining ground on the 49ers!

    49'ERS 8935 26%
    GIANTS 8594 25%
    PATRIOTS 8409 24%
    RAVENS 8838 25%

    Here's how I've found to rack up 37 votes per hour. Click on the "Site Map" link found underneath the "Program" link at the top of the page. Click and vote on each page then hit your browser's back button to go map and click on the next page down.


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