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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirdowski View Post
    His shrewd demeanor and horrible sense of fashion belie the clarity of his wisdom.
    Perfect description.

    I did a 180 on Belichick when I watched A Football Life. He is light years ahead of other coaches in terms of football smarts and his knack for controlling the message that is received by the media.
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    Re: Belichick singing Flacco's Praises.

    Yeah the Ed Reed comments are nothing new he has long been a fan of Ed's.

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    Re: Belichick singing Flacco's Praises.

    Belichick knows what hes talking about. Brady wasnt Tom Brady when he first entered the league. he had solid numbers but very comparable to Flacco at similar points in their careers. the main difference being he won a superbowl his second year and Flacco hasnt... yet. If everyone is going to give Flacco shit for not winning a superbowl why hasnt alex smith been being attacked by the media? I think its fair to say theyve been winning because of defense not him more so than Flacco. They beat the media darling Saints so i guess he gets a pass.

    Belicheck in my mind will be the greatest coach of our time, maybe ever. We have a lot to thank him for here in Baltimore as well. He was the one that suggest Biscotti give Harbaugh a chance. Him and Crafts relationship with Biscotti has obviously influenced a winning mentality here in Baltimore. theres a reason were continually winning franchises and it starts from the top. I have nothing but respect for New England, unfortunately their season ends sunday.


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