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    Re: Will the media and fans run Flacco out of Baltimore?

    some on here want joe to grow some thicker skin? the guy is getting diced and he still keeps a smile on his face. then others are going after him because he doesnt get fired up. this guy cant win for losing or should i say for winning because thats all he has done since he started as a rookie! and this is exactly the same as eddie murray. because he wasnt a real friendly guy to the press he got blasted for not diving after a ball after he just got finished carrying the team for games at a time

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    Re: Will the media and fans run Flacco out of Baltimore?

    I'm done...I dont' even know why I came into a thread with as dumb as a title as this.

    There is nothing that remotely suggests that anything in Baltimore is any worse than anywhere else and the thought that Joe will be run out of Baltimore is absurd.

    IMHO, a thread like this is just as bad as any thread going over the top with Joe bashing...


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