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    NFP Article on Covering Gronk

    It's an idea for a coverage the Ravens could use to slow down Gronkowski. Thought it looked interesting. I'm not an Xs and Os expert at all, but I like to read/learn about these things when I can.


    IMO the nickel on Hernandez is probably a tough match-up, but with the Pats you're going to have to pick your poison.

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    Re: NFP Article on Covering Gronk

    The best way is to do what the Steelers did. Smash them in the mouth and make them work for literally every single inch.
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    Re: NFP Article on Covering Gronk

    You cover the WRs 1 on 1. Then you double the TEs (wherever they line up) with an LB and Safety, bracketed. Make them beat you with Woodhead and Green-Ellis.

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    Re: NFP Article on Covering Gronk

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    The best way is to do what the Steelers did. Smash them in the mouth and make them work for literally every single inch.
    Yes, and it did work for the Jets too, last year in the playoffs.
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    Re: NFP Article on Covering Gronk

    It's similar to many of the ideas written here. I just don't think the Ravens have the linebackers to be the lower part of the bracket. I see them using one of the bigger Corners, like Williams, instead with Pollard or Reed hitting from up top. McClain or Ellerbe in that spot scare the crap out of me. They won't come close to keeping up with Gronkowski.
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    I think Mangini had it right a couple of days ago! He said it's not about the end game with gronk as far as who will be sticking him at the ladder part of his route but it's about the outside linebackers getting a good jam on him inside 5 yards and allowing someone else to finish the assignment off! He said Suggs will play the biggest part in this! If Suggs is getting home on the rush they have to use gronk to block effectively eliminating his big play opportunities !!
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