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    Weather for Sunday: Mixed Bag

    Its 96 hours out so we can start to look. Yesterday's forecast was for a drier day, today advance forecast calls for cold with mixed precipitation. It looks like it might be messy. Not sure who gets an advantage from this, but all in all, running and defense are favored in bad weather, as is the more physical team.

    "From Sat afternoon into sun evening a
    swath of mixed-precipitation develops across 2/3rds of the forecast region with
    only north Massachusetts and S New Hampshire remaining all snow. This will likely change as we
    get closer in time so expect forecast changes. Maximum temperatures upper 20s north/west
    with low-middle 30s S/E...while overnight mins will falter for teens north/west
    under northerly interior flow from colder air up north...with upper 20s to low
    30s S/E."
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    iggyman555 Guest

    Re: Weather for Sunday: Mixed Bag

    good point, the weather might play a role in this one. hope cundiff comes with his A+ game also

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    Re: Weather for Sunday: Mixed Bag

    Quote Originally Posted by iggyman555 View Post
    hope cundiff comes with his A+ game also
    He better. He was shaky on kick-offs early on against Houston. He had a short kick on the opening kick-off (around the front of the end-zone), and that was probably a contributing factor in the long return. He also got caught up field on the return, and was unable to be a tackler of last resort. I don't know a ton about special teams, but it seems like that's what most kickers and punters try to do. Had another player not gotten back quickly enough that kick would have gone all the way. (Going from memory there, but I think that's correct.)

    Next kick he was way short. I think the 1st one got in his head.

    After he hit the field goal he was solid.

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    Re: Weather for Sunday: Mixed Bag

    Coach Harbaugh needs to make Joe go outside with a snow machine and start throwing the ball in nasty wae. Brady will throw the thing all over the field no matter what the weather is doing.

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    Re: Weather for Sunday: Mixed Bag

    Brady has some awesome games in terrible weather, I don't see that changing. One of the main reasons is the D can't get traction and get off the ball, leading to more time for Brady.
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    Re: Weather for Sunday: Mixed Bag

    When did the Ravens become a dome team? Relax. The weather won't give either team an edge.

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    Re: Weather for Sunday: Mixed Bag

    I'm in Boston until Fri and it's freezing! Calling for snow on Saturday and mid 30's on Sunday with small chance of snow. Should be fine weather for football and no real snow on the field unless something changes.
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    Re: Weather for Sunday: Mixed Bag

    Sun and Sun night...
    high pressure returns as low moves out to sea. This is associated
    with cool airmass...although not as cool as recent days due to
    lack an Arctic connection. H92 temperatures dip only to around -8c so
    warmest regions will likely reach into the 40s...while mins will
    only dip into the low to middle 20s. Dry weather prevails.
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    Re: Weather for Sunday: Mixed Bag

    The weather is a total non factor.. Brady has played several big games in driving snow/sleet. It won't affect him in the least.

    With that being said, bad weather has not affected Flacco either. I seem to recall a game in his rookie year where he lit up the Bengals @ Cincy in a driving rain.

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    Re: Weather for Sunday: Mixed Bag

    Rain might slow Brady down but snow has never seemed to.


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