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    Re: 9 for 18 190 yards 1 TD and 1 INT

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    Yes, 2000 was a once in a generation D. But just go with my point on the thread. I'm just tired of all the "Is Joe elite" talk and the so-called experts pointing out his stats from last Sunday. We made it to the Championship Game and I don't care what Joe does. Just enjoy the week and win!!!
    No doubt. I already said I agree with your point. I just think that is why people are saying what they are saying. In order for us to get that win, most people feel Joe is going to need to have a solid game. That win 2 years ago with Rice running all over them is pretty rare. I think Joe is up to it. He has come through against this team before.

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    Re: 9 for 18 190 yards 1 TD and 1 INT

    we don't have dilfers defense.

    i'm glad we are here and i beleive we have a good chance but championship games in any sport usually show a teams warts. i think we are going to find out that we are old and slow on some positions on defense.

    ozzie's move to youth put this team in contention. i believe pittsburg will take ozzie's lead next year. the squeelers are getting old.


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