if you've been watching too much ESPN the ravens have to beat the 3x superbowl champions coached by the most ingenious human being on the planet earth! And they have to do so coming off of a near loss to a TJ Yats quarterbacked texans team!

But if you open your eyes you'll see that the ravens have to beat a team that hasn't beat a team with a winning record at all rhis year, coming off of a ugly WIN against the second ranked D on the NFL! I get it, the pats play the schedule that they were given but when they have had the opportunity to beat teams with winning records they have failed (nyg & Pitt).

Giants and cowboys held them to 20. The steelers held them to 17. The ravens have been held under 20 points 5 out of 17 times this year! What makes you think a 31st ranked D will hold them this time?

Don't get mean wrong they are good but not gold! And definitely not better than us!