Firstly expect Ravens to play press coverage. Webb will be on Woelker, Williams likely on Branch, Carr-Gorrer on Ocho
Or Hernandez. Jimmy Smith will likely cover Gronk. Good matchup for Smith- he is much faster, physical and very long
Bodied. The safeties Pollard and Reed will play closer to the line in previous games, more in the center of the Feild. This makes Brady's passing windows smaller or tipped or overthrown balls possible interceptions. Plus, confuses Brady cause Pollard or Ed could be a blitzer. The Ravens will play 50-50 on pass rush either rushing the Qb or playing coverage. The Ravens will make the Pats run more to beat them. Brady will see more pressure than Yates or Dalton. He won't be taking 3-5 drops like those other qb's took. Pretty much the game plan the Steelers used this year vs NE. Big matchup will be Smith on Gronkowski and other db/BA on Hernandez. Their WR's won't due much. Against the Steelers their TE's couldn't create separation, especially with Clark and Troy playing closer in the seams, makes those passes very risky for int's. Pats will likely get 20+ points but not 30. Ravens on offense will get their usual 20+ points as well per usual. Will be close game. Expect Pats to run more than we think based on the D the Ravens will show.