Ive heard more and more about Joe Flacco this week than i probably ever have. It seems to me ever since he called out the media, rightfully i might add, theyve upped their bashing of him to monumental proportions. One could argue that this is exactly why Joe shouldnt have said anything to begin with but if your a paid professional analyst how can you take out a vendetta on a player like they clearly are. He had a 97.1 QB rating. by no means is that "abysmal" like some have said and basically proves him right in saying "he'll get no credit if they win". If you actually watched the game its hard to blame Joe for having lower statistics when the line played horribly and wrs dropped numerous passes (much like the entire season). what happened to integrity in reporting? there used to be a time you wouldnt have a job unless you were actually good at what you do, now it seems poor analysis is common and you have to read through the bullshit and biased opinions to get to factual information.