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    Prestons answer on Ray Rice

    in prestons q&a a fan asked if they should stop using RR on short yardage. preston blamed the Oline on the 4th down stop on the goal line.

    a ravens problem this year has been short yardage conversions. i think the ravens are trying to pacify rice by making him the every down back but i don;t believe he is a short yardage back. they always used mcgahee on short yardage. i don't know why they don't use williams on short yardage. rice had good speed on that 4th down goal line play and just got stoned at the line.

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    Re: Prestons answer on Ray Rice


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    Re: Prestons answer on Ray Rice

    Who's Mike Preston?

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    Re: Prestons answer on Ray Rice

    Quote Originally Posted by DColeman View Post
    Who's Mike Preston?
    The troll holding the donut in your avatar... ;)

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    Re: Prestons answer on Ray Rice

    I was just watching Touchdown Baltimore (nothing else on) The Bear Claw took credit for Ray's and Ed's good games Sunday, because of last week's column. Really???????????????????????????????

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    Re: Prestons answer on Ray Rice

    There are only a few people on earth that I sincerely want to die.

    Rapists (Roethlisberger included)
    Skip Bayless
    Al Queda members
    Steel Legends
    Mike Preston

    I was having a decent day so far until I heard his name.....thanks for that....


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