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    Re: This season just needs to end

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    If you listen/read the interview with Ed Reed it's not nearly as bad nor as big of a deal as the media is portraying it to be.
    Thank God I'm not the only one to think this. To me it sounded honest, Joe was a little rattled by a really good Texans D, much better than the Patriots D. The only thing missing from that statement is, and the Ravens still won the game.


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    Re: This season just needs to end

    Anyone see Flacco on NFL network. he was joking around but basically admitted the pass rush was getting to him, but otherwise was "in the zone". I think thats basically what we saw. when he had time, he made pin point passes and moved the ball well. He cant be held accountable for balls bouncing off players hands which ended a few drives and his OL played horribly. there was only 1 or maybe 2 plays i felt he held onto the ball a little long but taking a sack instead of forcing a throw might have been the better option anyway.

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    Re: This season just needs to end

    Quote Originally Posted by GOTA View Post
    Jim Rome? Someone honestly gives a crap about Jim Rome's opinion? Now I've heard everything.
    This guy.


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    Re: This season just needs to end

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    I'm thankful the Ravens are still in the mix and I kinda wish it would never end. Lovin' it, what a season!

    Particularly satisfying: First blowout against Pitt, 2nd Pitt game, Jets game, 9ers game. Those four games were incredible. Keep it up Ravens!
    This. When you think about it, this season was a massive success. Our losses were dumb as hell, but we beat every rival we played on a big stage.

    The Joe Hate is just fucking stupid at this point. I explained it to a friend like this: imagine you have a child who consistently gets B+s and A-s, and occasionally gets As, but the second you tell the other parents how smart he is, he gets a C. Frustrating, sure, but you more than anyone know what you have: a smart kid who makes the grade who isn't perfect.


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