I know everyone is suggesting that the Ravens run the ball heavily in order to keep Brady off the field, dominate TOP and keep our defense fresh, etc. I think that while that's a good idea, it's what everyone, most importantly Belicheat is expecting. As mediocre as their defense is, they do a good job of taking away teams' to offensive threat and forcing them to beat them another way. That means playing the Ravens, they'll stack the box and make Joe beat them, and I think it's doable. They dink and dunk them with short passes throughout the first half, then that'll open up the running game which opens up the deep pass later in the game. What do you guys think? I know the Steelers did this against them earlier in the year as Belicheat was expecting them to go deep when Wallace was going crazy, but instead they used the tight ends, Drag routes, short curls, etc and the Pats were completely off guard.