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    Dink and dunk attack

    I know everyone is suggesting that the Ravens run the ball heavily in order to keep Brady off the field, dominate TOP and keep our defense fresh, etc. I think that while that's a good idea, it's what everyone, most importantly Belicheat is expecting. As mediocre as their defense is, they do a good job of taking away teams' to offensive threat and forcing them to beat them another way. That means playing the Ravens, they'll stack the box and make Joe beat them, and I think it's doable. They dink and dunk them with short passes throughout the first half, then that'll open up the running game which opens up the deep pass later in the game. What do you guys think? I know the Steelers did this against them earlier in the year as Belicheat was expecting them to go deep when Wallace was going crazy, but instead they used the tight ends, Drag routes, short curls, etc and the Pats were completely off guard.

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    Re: Dink and dunk attack

    That's not really what happened in that game but I see where u are going

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coach42 View Post
    That's not really what happened in that game but I see where u are going
    Then what happened coach?

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    Re: Dink and dunk attack

    well the Pats had a chance to win it at the end of the game and were sacked for a safety. The Steelers were def the better team on the day however I often heard of this game being a decisive Steelers win. If you watched the game that was clearly not the case. In fact the Pats had a chance to win every game they lost, no blowouts or lopsided losses. They always found a way to stay in the game.

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    Re: Dink and dunk attack

    They were dominated and the score wasn't as close as the score indicated.

    The Numbers tell the whole story in that game:

    Wallace 7 for 70
    Brown 9 for 67
    Miller 7 for 85
    Sanders 5 for 70
    Mendenhall 3 for 22
    Moore 2 for 30

    Basically it was death by 1000 cuts against that weak defense.
    On defense, they pressed the receivers and sacked Brady and he got rattled. The Patsies lucked out when Woodley pulled his hamstring because at that point they started to mount a little come back.

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    Re: Dink and dunk attack

    lol lose a game by a TD and you're dominated? Must be nice, I'd like to see what you label losing by 10

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    Re: Dink and dunk attack

    Lol did you even watch the game?

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    Re: Dink and dunk attack

    Quote Originally Posted by PGCountyRaven85 View Post
    Lol did you even watch the game?
    The first Bills Pats game? No, it wasn't broadcast here. We got something awful like Dolphins-Redskins instead but all I remember from the highlights was "Another pick for Tom Brady". Just to make sure I'm not insane, I'll look it up.

    From the recap:
    "Despite setting a league record for most yards passing over a three-game stretch, Brady matched a career worst with four interceptions. That included Drayton Florence's 27-yard interception return for a touchdown with 10:22 left that came 14 seconds after Jackson tied the game at 24 with a 1-yard plunge.

    "We played a good football team and made too many mistakes," said Brady, whose four interceptions against Buffalo matched the number he had all of last season. "It's never easy. ... We had too many turnovers, too many penalties that allowed them to get some easy plays. ... I just wish we would have made a few less mistakes."

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    Re: Dink and dunk attack

    Buffalo got their victory off interceptions if I recall correctly. Considering how good our corners have been, that could be a big factor if they can hold on to some balls. Preferably footballs, of course....

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    Re: Dink and dunk attack

    Buffalo blew a massive lead because they figured the game was over at halftime.

    The same thing happened the week before, IIRC, with the Dolphins. They went up on the Pats big time and then blew it because they came out soft and thought the game was over with.

    The Ravens can absolutely defeat New England.
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    Re: Dink and dunk attack

    I believe the Bills benched Stevie Johnson during that game for his tshirt. Before that, he'd been roasting their secondary.

  12. Re: Dink and dunk attack

    I agree that a run heavy offensive attack won't punch a ticket to Indy.

    Flacco will need to make plays in the pass game and his receivers must hold on to the ball. Cam may also want to add a few quick drops and short/internediate passes into the game plan instead of deep bombs every throw.

    Both Cameron and Flacco must have great games to win.


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