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    Re: Advanced NFL Stats crushes the Sun, calls out Preston

    Quote Originally Posted by 34wassmooth View Post
    Interesting that Brady and his O-line ranked #1 in the AFC. Perhaps more interesting is that Flacco and the Baltimore O-line were ranked #2 in the AFC.
    Where is this stat? There is no way in hell our OL is #2 in the AFC. So (in my mind) that means the Patriots are probably not #1.

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    Re: Advanced NFL Stats crushes the Sun, calls out Preston

    Quote Originally Posted by bt12483 View Post
    Yeah it's no doubt a chicken or the egg thing. And it isn't just with regards to the Ravens.

    I saw a similar stat for HOU that said when Foster gets 30 carries they are like undefeated or something.

    The reason they are getting those carries is usually because the team is playing with a lead. For example, up two scores via turnovers. Of course the RB will then get lots of carries - you just got spotted 2 scores via turnovers.

    It is a very skewed metric to say the least. To say "get RB so and so 20 carries and you win" isn't true. Without those turnovers Rice's 21/61 rushing day loses the game for us.
    Don't forget the inverse of this as well - when "insert QB" throws 30+ times, the team is *insert shitty record*.

    Fails to acknowledge that the reason the QB is throwing so much is probably that the team is behind, and thus of course much more likely to lose. So a defense giving up 30 points, leads to a QB throwing it 40 times, team loses (no real fault of the QB), and this is then skewed to say that the team can't win if they allow the QB to throw a lot.


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