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I said the same thing in a post a few weeks ago- the stat that the Ravens win when Rice carries the ball over 20 times is pure stupidity. Rice gets 20+ carries *because* we are winning, and running the clock out the majority of times . Granted he may have a lot to do with why we're ahead in a lot of those games as well- but there were a few games when he was running into brick walls this year, and while you don't abandon the run totally- you can't keep running 60% of the time when you're not gaining yards against a stout front. Screen passess and good short pass combinations can do the exact same thing- but we usually don't do that very often for some reason.
Yeah it's no doubt a chicken or the egg thing. And it isn't just with regards to the Ravens.

I saw a similar stat for HOU that said when Foster gets 30 carries they are like undefeated or something.

The reason they are getting those carries is usually because the team is playing with a lead. For example, up two scores via turnovers. Of course the RB will then get lots of carries - you just got spotted 2 scores via turnovers.

It is a very skewed metric to say the least. To say "get RB so and so 20 carries and you win" isn't true. Without those turnovers Rice's 21/61 rushing day loses the game for us.