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    Battle in the trenches?

    Ok, who wins the battle in the trenches this weekend?

    The Ravens OL got pushed around pretty good by the Texans and it appeared like they couldnt get to the second level too well.

    Wilfork has had a great season so far and will be a handful and make running inside tough.

    So how do the Ravens OL fare agains the patriots DL?

    On the other side of the ball, the Ravens DL needs to generate pressure to have a chance.

    What matchups will be trouble? which ones can the ravens win?

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    Re: Battle in the trenches?

    how old is Wilfork. He has been around a while. Ravens historically have never had two bad games in a row. So if you think the Texan game was bad, then this week things should be better.

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    Re: Battle in the trenches?

    I expect the OL to rebound. They had a tough time run/pass blocking against the Texans. Other than Wilfork and Mayo, I don't much about Patriots front seven. Statistically they were not a good defense during the regular season but have rebounded quite well recently. I expect the Patriots to challenge the ravens by stacking the box with 8-9 defenders. We need to make them pay.

    OL and Vonta Leach need to win their one on one matchups and Ray Rice needs to remain patient.

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    Re: Battle in the trenches?

    Wilfork is 30 this year.
    With a 60 waist!

    I just wonder how anyone moves that guy...even other huge O Linemen.

    If things aren't moving inside, like they weren't Sunday, it would be nice if Cam would try some tosses with Ray.

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    Re: Battle in the trenches?

    I would expect both offensive lines to have the edge in this game. The Ravens can now run the ball to both sides. So, Belichick can't put Wilfork on one particular side, the way he did last year when the Ravens could only run to the left. As for the Ravens, it will be hard for them to get to Brady unless McPhee and Kruger play well.
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