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    Re: Predict AFC Championship Game: Ravens @ Patriots

    I think this game will be a lot closer than many of the pundits are predicting...and I think the Ravens offense has their way with the Patriots defense (are they not playing a WR in their defensive backfield?)...that said, this is Brady, and his receivers are healthy this time.

    Patriots 34
    Ravens 31

    But I could definitely see the Ravens pulling the upset. Whoever makes the least mistakes, wins.

    EDIT: The Ravens "stars" - Ngata, Suggs, Lewis, Reed, Suggs, Rice and Flacco - all of them - are going to need to step up. Not just a couple of them, like last week.
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    Re: Predict AFC Championship Game: Ravens @ Patriots

    This one is tough to predict as we don't know which Ravens team will show up to play.
    If the following happens, I can see the Ravens pulling out a win:

    1) If the Ravens are aggressive on defense, play with intensity, and are able to get to Brady often.
    2) Defense/Special Teams has a +2 turnover differential
    3) Offense is able to get some sort of rhythm with the running game, and is able to eat up the clock with Rice and Williams
    4) Ray Rice scores and is heavily involved with the offense.
    5) The passing game is efficient and accurate, and Flacco does not turn the ball over. Receivers and Tight ends catch the ball like NFL professionals
    6) Offensive line are able to give Flacco adequate time to throw on majority of his passes.
    7) Cam Cameron goes with a good game plan

    IMO, if the above happens, I think the Ravens can pull out a 23-21 win.

    If some or none of the above happens, I honestly think Brady will go hog wild with no pressure, the Pats defense will smother the line of scrimmage to stop Rice, and the secondary plays man/press coverage to limit the passing game. If the Ravens come out flat, I see the score being more like:

    35-17 Patriots
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    Re: Predict AFC Championship Game: Ravens @ Patriots

    There is a reason that the Pats have won 9 in a row.. Nobody can stop their passing game.

    We let Philip Rivers make it look easy about 30 days ago. Unfortunately, Brady will have more of the same up his sleeve.

    Pats 31
    Ravens 23

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    Re: Predict AFC Championship Game: Ravens @ Patriots

    Ravens 27
    Patriots 23

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    Re: Predict AFC Championship Game: Ravens @ Patriots

    My heart wants me to pick the Ravens. It really does. But I just don't think we've been playing all that well lately. We haven't been hitting on all cylinders since November. Our defense will put forth a fine effort, but I think New England will score in the mid-high 20's, and even against that weak NE defense, I don't think our offense is playing well enough right now to keep up.

    New England 27, Ravens 20
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    Re: Predict AFC Championship Game: Ravens @ Patriots

    I appreciate the logic of many of the folks here hoping for a Ravens win. My heart of course wants a Ravens win, and even my head knows we're the better TEAM. In a Madden simulation we beat them 7 times out of 10 because while their offense is great our defense is good, and while our offense can putter their defense is miserable. But my head also knows these Ravens are hot and cold...

    I see Pats 31, Ravens 17-24

    I hope I am wrong. SUPER wrong. If I see us gashing them with RR, my tune likely changes.

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    Re: Predict AFC Championship Game: Ravens @ Patriots

    You guys make valid points, we have the team to win, but we're not playing well lately. Still, I don't know why but I see a shootout...

    Ravens 40
    Pats 30

    Yes, most likely not going to happen, but I'm just thinking Flacco finally blows up and Rice has a field day.

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    Re: Predict AFC Championship Game: Ravens @ Patriots

    It will all come down to intensity. If the Ravens come out flying all over the field, they will stand a great chance to win. If they come out sleepwalking (we all know the look), they are toast. Brady can score 21 points in a few minutes on a disoriented defense.

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    Re: Predict AFC Championship Game: Ravens @ Patriots

    I have no idea what will happen but I expect it'll be one of these two scenarios:

    1. Ravens play pedal to the metal. They harrass Brady all day. On offense, we sustain drives and play aggressively, getting TD's instead of FG's. Cam actually pulls a few new plays off his menu. Ravens 27 Pats 23.

    2. Ravens can't get to Brady just as they couldn't get to Yates. Cam calls his usual vanilla game on offense and we can't score enough. Pats 38 Ravens 20.

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    Re: Predict AFC Championship Game: Ravens @ Patriots

    Pats cannot stop the Ravens run game and it will chew up clock. Sure they'll score, but it won't be enough

    Ravens 31
    Pats 28
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    Re: Predict AFC Championship Game: Ravens @ Patriots

    Biggest question mark to me is the Ravens pass rush. I'm not worried about the offense - as everyone has pointed out, big difference between 2nd best defense and worst defense in the league. But 0 sacks on Yates - Houston has a very good o-line, and so does New England. That has to change this week. If Brady is walking off the field on Sunday with a clean jersey, I'm certain he's carrying a Lamar Hunt trophy with him.

    That said, Suggs has had good outings against the Pats in the past, and I think this will be the same. Defensive player of the year steps up in a big way. Otherwise a close back and forth game, and Flacco leads a game winning TD drive at the end....only question then is whether the media will dismiss it as a terrible defense, or elevate him to that next tier of QBs.

    Ravens 33
    Pats 31

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    Re: Predict AFC Championship Game: Ravens @ Patriots

    Predicted a 20-9 win last week.

    This week I have Ravens 34-24.

    The Ravens will either win outright or lose by double digits. I don't see this game any other way.


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