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I think in the Raven's case they came off a cream-puff bye week and played a team on an emotional high coming off their first ever playoff win. Coupled with the fact that Houston's front 7 is really good and well coached.

We were lucky to advance.
Agreed. Ravens took them for granted, plus they beat them already with Schaub made them take them for granted more. Ravens had everything to lose Texans nothing. Plus, sat behind Texan bench. The coaches and players were just screaming, "just let it rip" "stay on it". The defense was playing out of it's mind
and carefee. Plus cold day, on raven side in the shadows while Texans where in the sun most of the game. I was practically sweating in the sun behind the bench, on the other side Ravens wearing parkas. Texans with helmets off and bare armed, the sun made a huge difference.