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    Re: Super Bowl Ticket Lottery

    Quote Originally Posted by organizedchaos21 View Post
    Ravens say they've sent out the emails:
    Well that sucks. My Inbox is empty, my Ravens account shows nuthin'...

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    Got a friend in Canton who got lucky. He's going.

    The notifications have definitely been sent by the team.

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    Re: Super Bowl Ticket Lottery

    I just got an email from the Ravens and couldnt open it fast enough. I started reading and almost shit myself then I got to the part where they said I didnt win the lottery:(

    Dear Mr. ,

    Wow…the Ravens are going to the Super Bowl!

    A special random lottery was conducted this week to select a limited number of PSL Owners who would receive the option to purchase 2 tickets for Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans, LA. We are sorry to report that your account was not selected to receive this opportunity.

    All 26,000 PSL owner accounts were included in the lottery for the limited number of available tickets. We wish we could accommodate all fans that would like to attend but that is just not possible due to the limited number of tickets we receive from the NFL. However, we have established a partnership with PrimeSport, the official travel partner of the Baltimore Ravens, who can assist fans who want to attend Super Bowl XLVII.

    If you are still looking for travel options to New Orleans, Official Super Bowl XLVII Fan Travel Packages are available to our fans. Packages are customizable and can include chartered air transportation, hotel accommodations, all ground transportation, access to pre-game events, and Super Bowl XLVII tickets. There are only a limited number of packages available and orders will be processed on a first received basis.

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    Re: Super Bowl Ticket Lottery

    Yup, I got same email. Oh well, couldn't have afforded them anyway.
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    Re: Super Bowl Ticket Lottery

    Yep. Just got the email that I'm not going LOL. Oh well. Time to start looking around. If anybody has tickets to sell I'm willing to pay above face value.

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    iggyman555 Guest

    Re: Super Bowl Ticket Lottery

    Im Willing to pay for TIX if anyone is selling!

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    Re: Super Bowl Ticket Lottery

    I just found out I didn't win.

    If any of you did actually win, what are the prices and the logistics to pick up the tickets? Just curious.
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    Thank you-
    It never occurred to me to check tonite.

    I didn't get selected.
    I'm relieved. It's expensive but a once in a life time event...
    I really want to watch in baltimore with friends.

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    Re: Super Bowl Ticket Lottery

    No luck here either..

    My seatmates bought 6 tickets on line last night. A cool $12,600. They didn't even wait for the lottery email.

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    Re: Super Bowl Ticket Lottery

    If anyone wins the lottery and can't go let me know. I didn't get selected either.

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    Re: Super Bowl Ticket Lottery

    Didn't get an email one way or the other. Going to pretend that's a good sign

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    Re: Super Bowl Ticket Lottery

    I also got rejected.

    We're have to blow our budget and end up destitute flying from the UK as well, but haven't ruled it out!

    Basically Mista T or anyone else, let me know if you find some reasonably priced tickets.


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