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    Re: Experience PointsóDefensive Notes vs. Texans 1/15/12

    Quote Originally Posted by Filmstudy View Post
    For the Ravens to defense the TEs effectively, some corner is going to have to have a great game in man coverage on the outside.
    I think this is not only possible but likely.

    As you and others suggested, Webb on Welker is probably a good idea. Their only other WR of note is Deion Branch who is a decent player but I think Cary Williams could handle him.

    That leaves the safeties, maybe LBs, and perhaps Jimmy Smith to handle the TEs. There is no matchup in this league that would make me feel like Beastkowski is ever neutralized, but short of that I feel reasonably good about the prospect of, say, Smith or a LB bracketing Gronk underneath while Pollard brackets deep and readies some hits.

    I hope we play only just enough zone to be unpredictable and no more. Brady and Welker eat zones for breakfast.

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    Re: Experience PointsóDefensive Notes vs. Texans 1/15/12

    Quote Originally Posted by Filmstudy View Post
    I go through quite a few DVRs, since I don't have a way to archive HD (please PM me if you have a way).

    There isn't anything about the amount of equipment we have that helps with the analysis directly, but we've been very fortunate (as has DirecTV) to be able to organize our house around watching the NFL.
    If you have basic cable or you're close enough to Baltimore for over the air reception and you have a Win7 pc, you can set up Media Center to record the games, it saves every recording as a separate file, you do need to play them back on a Win7 machine (or via Xbox as an extender) though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Filmstudy View Post
    Were this Peyton Manning circa the mid 2000's, the same exact strategy would correctly be interpreted as:

    "We can't rush more than 4 regularly because you'll read the blitz and beat us, but we think we can get some pressure with 4 and get you off the field enough to give us a chance."
    I thought this was the case for other top QBs, such as Brady. You need to pressure them, but if you try to blitz you just get burned, so to have a chance you need to be able to get pressure with 4.

    So if that's what we need to do Sunday I'd be worried based off the results v. Houston. But maybe their o-line is weaker enough that we should have more success.


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