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    Re: Watching NFL Final on NFL Network and Deion said something incredibly stupid

    That's alright. In '07 they knocked Eli up until that pass nestled snugly into the hands of Plaxico in the left corner of the endzone against Brady and Co. Let 'em keep knocking; let Joe keep winning.

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    Re: Watching NFL Final on NFL Network and Deion said something incredibly stupid

    This Flacco bashing by the meeting and even Ravens fans has gotten absurd. I am not sure why people are talking about Flacco after that game. What about Rice's poor running? There were a couple of times he went down without really being hit. How does he not get in from the 1 inch line? Rice had a very mediocre game but no one talks about that. What about all of the dropped passes? Had the receivers caught those balls the Ravens don't spend the entire 2nd quarter on the sidelines while Foster is running over the defense for 95 yards. The Ravens offense would neuter any QB. The Ravens run offense does not give the QB many options. If the offense can't establish the run it puts a lot of pressure on the qb to be very efficient as they will be passing on a lot of 3rd and longs. Yesterday the Ravens could not establish the run and the offense struggled. Yesterday in terms of the units on offense that were terrible I would say the Oline struggled the most, followed by the wrs, by RB and finally QB.

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    Re: Watching NFL Final on NFL Network and Deion said something incredibly stupid

    Quote Originally Posted by alienrace View Post
    Bailing out, would imply a bad throw. Those were great catches, but the throws were fucking spectacular as well. Dumb comment by Sanders.
    Agreed. The throws were right where they needed to be. Evans might not have had to one-hand the ball if he could have just planted his foot, turned and stopped, which is what you usually see WR's do when there is an underthrown/back-shoulder throw. Boldin made one really tough catch, but that was more a product of his location on the field (near the sideline) and having to shield the defender. The ball was delivered on a dime.

    Also as a side note, I had to laugh during the GB-NYG game. They basically had a running "Drop-O-Meter" for Rodgers during the game, because after all, it can't be his fault that passes aren't being completed. One of the "drops" was credited against Jennings in the end zone, on the sideline, where he would have had to perfectly control the ball in the second it hit his hands with a defender's hand in his face while tight-roping the sideline, only enough time to get two feet in before going out of bounds, and with the ball actually up over his head instead of in towards his body. He would have had to make a perfect play instantly, despite having no room and a man on his back. And they call that a drop because the media can't bear to blame one of its darlings.

    Meanwhile back in Baltimore we have some idiot writing an article blaming Flacco for a costly "interception" in the Arizona game, when that "interception" was really a catch by Torrey Smith that he somehow lateraled to the nearest defender.

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    Re: Watching NFL Final on NFL Network and Deion said something incredibly stupid

    Just got done reviewing every dropback, Sanders is out of his fucking mind.

    Joe played fantastic.

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    Flacco Game Review - Deion Sanders special

    I'm sure you all know my love and affection for this blithering idiots on TV/radio who have no clue what they are talking about half the time, and I thought I would use this game as a "Prime" example.

    Deion using his crack analysis said Flacco played a horrible game and you know the rest. So I went back over every dropback to see if he had a point. Umm...not.

    Matter of fact against one of the best defenses in the NFL he played damn well, especially the first half where he was almost flawless if not for 4 key drops. In the second half the pressure was getting there and they eventually started calling quick throws to try to negate it, but they were still all over him.

    1-11:38-2/10-INC- Drops an absolutely perfect 40 yd pass down the sideline to Torrey Smith, he flat out drops it

    1-11:31-3/10-INC- Texans got some initial pressure forcing Joe to roll out, throws it away into the ground when his only receiver near him is double covered down the sideline.

    1-9:54-3/G-TD-On the 1 inch line fake run throws it over the top to Wilson for the TD.

    1-8:13-1/10-COMP- Back shoulder throw down the right sideline to Boldin for 21 yards.

    1-6:55-1/10-INC- From the 33yd line drops back and throws it to the corner of the endzone, ball is slightly underthrown into great coverage and corner bats it down in a jump ball scenario.

    1-4:29-1/10-INC-Drops back with a clean pocket, throws a beautiful 20 yd pass that hits Boldin right in the hands who drops it.

    1-3:40-3/5-INC-Drops back and fires a 15 yard bullet that hits Dickson right in the hands across the middle, and of course he drops it.

    1-2:34-1/10-INC-Throws a little in breaking route down the middle at about 10 yards to Torrey but it is a little behind him. Could have been a better throw, that one is on Joe.

    1-2:26-3/9-COMP- Screen to Rice for big gain of 23. He sold it beautifully looking right, and then turning back and delivering to Rice who leaked out.

    1-1:14-2/7-TD- Play action pass from under center, throws a perfect pass right over the outstretched arms of the corner to Bolidin in the front right corner of the endzone for the TD

    2-11:42-1/10-INC-Linebacker comes free unblocked and Joe has to dump it into the LOS to avoid sack.

    2-10:56-3/2-INC-Overthrows Pitta about 10yds down the right middle. Announcer said he was under pressure but the pocket was clean he just missed on the throw.

    2-2:00-1/10-COMP- JJ Watt just blows right by Oher off the snap, forces Flacco to step up and just dump it to Rice for no gain to avoid the sack. Heavy Pressure instantly.

    2-1:28-2/10-INC- Deep down left sideline to Boldin, good throw corner just had good coverage and knocked it away.

    2-1:21-3/10-SACK-Drops back and they bring a corner blitz that gets there right before an outside rusher from the other side. Sack. Nothing Joe could do they had him from all angles.

    1st half totals - 6/15 40% 80yds 2TD 0INT 97.2 rating. There were 3 drops for about 65 yards, so that easily could have been 9/15 60% 145yds 2TD 0INT 132 rating. Flacco played about as well as you could ever dream of against the Texans defense in the first half, missing on only 2 throws.

    3-13:52-3/6-SACK- Clean pocket for a couple seconds, Flacco sits back and looks for receivers but holds it too long and goes down for a sack. He had time get rid of it, but the pocket closed quick.

    3-11:08-2/11-SACK- A rare empty backfield look in shotgun. Yanda gets destroyed and JJ watt blows right by him with a swim move and sacks Flacco who didn’t have a chance.

    3-10:28-3/19-COMP- Designed screen to Dickson for 14 yards.

    3-5:54-1/10-COMP- Dlineman blows right by Grubbs off the snap,(it looked like he was unblocked coming right up the middle that is how bad it was) Joe has to dodge him in the pocket and he steps up and throws a perfect pass to Pitta for a 16 yard gain.

    3-5:14-1/10-INC- It was a short drop and quick throw that gets batted down by Cushing at the line. Just a good play by the linebacker to get his hand up.

    3-4:27-3/5-COMP- Back shoulder throw to Evans down the sideline for 33 yards. Joe had to adjust his throwing motion to avoid rusher who beat Oher off the edge and barely got it off but put it right where only Evans could catch it. (absolutely amazing body position and control by Evans on the catch too...just a thing of beauty)

    4-15:00-2/6-COMP- Designed screen that Flacco got off but defense just blew it up at the LOS.

    4-14:21-3/10-COMP- Drops back and actually has decent protection and time to scan the field. No one open downfield so he hits Rice for a gain of 4 coming across the field underneath.

    4-10:28-2/7-INC- Moderate backside pressure forces Flacco to move right and up in the pocket and he throws a good ball to Dickson who drops it. Dickson got both hands on it but it was going to be a tough catch the DB was all over him. (Dickson lobbied for a flag to no avail)

    4-10:22-3/7-SACK- In shotgun, right when Joe plants his back foot he gets heavy pressure up the middle and goes down for the sack. No chance to do anything really.

    4-6:46-2/8 –COMP- Drops back from under center, Oher gets beat and Flacco ducks and dodges in the pocket and delivers a strike to Pitta for 13 yards. Easily could have been a sack but movement from Flacco was the key.

    4-3:49-2/9-COMP- Quick slant to Boldin for 15 yards. Good throw on the money.

    4-3:04-2/5-INC- Tried another quick slant to Boldin but there was a ton of traffic around himand Flacco threw it high. This was a head scratcher if you watch it, because Boldin ran so close to the LOS that Flacco had to throw it high to avoid all the linemen. I don’t know if it was design or execution but it looked bad all the way around.

    4-3:01-3/5- INC- Empty backfield. Tried a quick hitter to Rice underneath but Rice got knocked to the ground before the ball got there and pass misses. Dickson also got leveled by the LB in the same area, it should have been interference on someone.

    2nd half totals – 8/12 67% 94yds 0TD 0INT 90.3 rating. Only 1 drop for 10 yards but it would have been a hard catch either way, not really that significant. Only time Flacco had time and didn’t convert was the first drop back, just held it too long.

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    Re: Flacco Game Review - Deion Sanders special

    I heard Deion's comments last night and I'm certain he didn't even watch the game. He said, "Joe's receivers bailed him out". Uh, WHAT!??? Torrey's drop on the 1st drive didn't help. Dickson's drop on 3rd down hurt pretty bad. The O-line played pretty bad. Just ask Ray Rice, he'll tell you that.

    But at the end of the day, as Joe has done all his career, he got the W. I really have a stopped putting any stock in what anyone in the media says anymore. These guys don't give a rat's ass about giving good analysis. Lets be honest, that would probably be boring and wouldn't get ratings. They need that "hot" quote to people tune in. That's OK though, I just won't tune in as much.

    The sacks he took suck, but you know what. I realize today he is the only QB yesterday with no INTS. That includes two "elite" QBs Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning.
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    Re: Flacco Game Review - Deion Sanders special

    Why do the Ravens not utilize the only other guy (other than Boldin) who can catch the ball - Pitta!

    I can't wait for Cameron to go and the Ravens get a new offensive coordinator.

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    Re: Watching NFL Final on NFL Network and Deion said something incredibly stupid

    Quote Originally Posted by Cravens86 View Post
    He said that we must be concerned about flacco's play and that we should be happy the receivers bailed him out a few times. When did the receivers bail him out? It wasn't with the dropped passes
    The only thing I can think of is a couple of catches that Boldin made, most WR's most likely would have dropped, as well as the Lee Evans catch. Other than that, I don't see where Flacco was bailed out. If anything, they didn't get open enough for Flacco when he had all day in the pocket.

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    Re: Watching NFL Final on NFL Network and Deion said something incredibly stupid

    Whatever mod felt the need to merge my Flacco game review with this thread please PM me.

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    Re: Watching NFL Final on NFL Network and Deion said something incredibly stupid

    Deion, Michael Irvin, Jaime Dukes, Warren Sapp, et. al = all bravado for the cameras. I really think all these guys sacrifice their knowledge of the game (for Deion & Dukes, lacktherof) for ratings.

    Anyone who understands or appreciates football can listen to guys like Mike Mayock & Brian Billick talk all day because they're honest and call it like they see it.

    sidenote- I'm friends w/ the guy who was head of security for the Skins in the late 90's til 2004 (while Deion was there). He said there was never a bigger premadonna, frontrunner or worse teammate than Deion Sanders. Said that most of the tough guys on the teams wouldn't say 2 words to Deion and there was little or no respect for him.

    Simply put, Deion is like a Politician... full of BS and ego.

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    Re: Watching NFL Final on NFL Network and Deion said something incredibly stupid

    Quote Originally Posted by 52decleetzu View Post
    Whatever mod felt the need to merge my Flacco game review with this thread please PM me.
    I think the MODs are to quick to merge on this board. Just my opinion...

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    Re: Watching NFL Final on NFL Network and Deion said something incredibly stupid

    Quote Originally Posted by RavensRock View Post
    I think the MODs are to quick to merge on this board. Just my opinion...
    It is ridiculous.


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