View Poll Results: Which does the NFL fear most?

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  • Ravens vs Green Bay

    3 11.54%
  • Harbaugh [Defense wins Championships] Bowl

    23 88.46%
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    Re: Which does the NFL fear most --

    Not to stick my nose where it doesn't belong --
    I assume you mean Jets and Gints with "NY v. NY", but I think Actual's permutations are based upon the current set (2012) of playoff teams.

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    Re: Which does the NFL fear most --

    Actually, I think that they (The NFL) love both ideas.

    Green Bay - Baltimore Super Bowl means lots of nostalgia, which in turn equates to lots of money after they hype the crap out of it.

    The Harbaugh Bowl would be kind of "campy" at first, but it would be a first... and the NFL LOVES firsts. Why? Because they can pump the shit out of it AND... MAKE LOTS OF MONEY!!!

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    Re: Which does the NFL fear most --

    The Harbaugh bowl will bore most "average" fans because it would be a defensive struggle. If it happens, there will be a lot of them that complain about how boring a game it is. All the new fans that the NFL has attracted want huge offensive output. They have disdain for a tough defensive struggle.

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    Re: Which does the NFL fear most --

    What do they fear most? Hou-SF. Next worst is Hou-GB. Probably Ravens-SF next. This would be another Har-Bowl but that novelty has sort of worn off and there would be no marquee QB which is what they want. With Brees gone, they now want Brady-Rodgers but they'll take a Brady-Manning rematch.

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    Re: Which does the NFL fear most --

    It would be the Ravens/49ers of the 2 choices, Texans/49ers would be worse though. They love to bash Flacco and Smith. Now they would have to push one.
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