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    Ravens Q&A with ‘Ravens Insider’ Aaron Wilson

    Ravens Q&A with ‘Ravens Insider’ Aaron Wilson

    From my blog. Please feel free to leave comments on the blog post for others. They are moderated comments and the ground rules for the blog are 1. no profanity because it is at a newspaper; 2. attack the argument not the person--no need for abuse. Not sure that there is a ton controversial in that but perhaps you would like to discuss the Ravens side of things in more depth. This post is primarily to educate Texans fans about the Ravens. My blog commenters appreciate points of view that are other than their own because they already know what they think.

    Fixing to pack for my trip so I'm not sure I will get to visit much before the game again. Thanks for those of you who have been welcoming to your MB and your tailgate. I did not intend to irritate anyone, perhaps I just have a gift. Looking for a good game, whatever that ends up meaning. Cheers! -Steph

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    Re: Ravens Q&A with ‘Ravens Insider’ Aaron Wilson

    Nice blog.


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