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    Dolphins to detect mines in Gulf of Hormitz

    PETA is shitting in its pants over this one.

    Remember the old George C. Scott movie Day of the Dolphins where dolphins were trained with a bomb attached to them to blow up the President's yacht?

    Well, just like the James Bond movies gave the CIA ideas for gadgets like the ones used in the films, the US Navy started training dolphins to pick up mines in the sea - in this case the Hormutz Straight where Iran is having maneuvers that could end with them closing it down.

    Mines would be used to do that like in 88.

    No dolphins were used then. We just sank their ships. See other Iran thread of the ships burning and sinking.

    The dolphins can also detonate the mines although none have done so.

    The Army said dolphins were in the area during the Iraq invasion but didn't disclosed if they were used or not.

    Article shows how they do it.
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    Re: Dolphins to detect mines in Gulf of Hormitz

    our dolphins are better than their dolphins!

    a dolphin is the only marine creature that can swim better than a seal...
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