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  1. Re: Smarter Stats: Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens: Via Doug Farrar, Yahoo Sports

    As a Texans fan and in defense of Texans Chick, (who by the way has her own blog in the Houston Chronicle and is about as avid a fan as you'll find) position by position the Texans are better across the board now than week 6 except in one category which is QB. Unfortunately for my Texans, the most important player on any football team is the QB...the second most important player is the back-up QB and we lost both of them.

    The only way the Texans win this game is if they take an early double digit lead into half time. Even then it will be difficult because they have struggle in the second half of games, for the most part.

    As for the 3 game losing streak, I tolerated and excused the Panther loss as the Texans had come off an emotional high from clinching the AFC South against Cinnci and were playing against a pretty decent team and atheletic QB's like Cam have historically given the Texans fits. I can excuse the Tenn loss because they were resting a bunch of players. The Colts loss was unforgiveable

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    Re: Smarter Stats: Houston Texans at Baltimore Ravens: Via Doug Farrar, Yahoo Sports

    Quote Originally Posted by GaTechRavens View Post
    I'm sick of people saying this for reasons that I can only assume are meant to be polite. The Texans are most certainly worse now than they were back then. In Week 6, they had Matt Schaub. In the playoffs, they have a rookie who really hasn't been that good. That's it. No supposed "improvement" (and some of the "improvements mentioned are quite contrived) makes up for the dropoff in quarterback play. And then there's the three game losing streak to end the season that everyone somehow forgot about. If the Texans are so much better now than they were with Schaub, why did that losing streak happen? Because they aren't better.
    I didn't write that quote. That's from the article. Not my direct quote.

    The defense is a better defense than they were in Week 6.

    They are a better team with Matt Schaub.

    That being said, there's actually a debate of a sort whether Schaub or AJ is more important to this offense. I think the numbers clearly would say Schaub, but I will say even with a backup in, AJ changes what defenses do, and that tends to open things up for the multitude of receiving targets that most opposing fans have never heard of but can move the chains.

    Oh, and thanks James for the kind words. :)


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