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    By process of elimination, Ravens win Super Bowl

    No rookie QB has ever won a Super Bowl.....Texans are out.

    No team that had an offense that finished outside the top 25 has ever won a SB...49ers out.

    No team that has ever had fewer than 20 takeaways has won a SB....Saints are out.

    No team that was 8-8 or worse has ever won more than 2 playoff games....Broncos are out.

    No team has ever won a SB with a defense ranked worse than 25th....Patriots, Packers and Giants are out.

    Who is left???

    The Baltimore Ravens.

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    Re: By process of elimination, Ravens win Super Bowl

    Giants' D has been coming on pretty strong the last couple of weeks...had they played like that all season long they may be in the top 10.
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    Re: By process of elimination, Ravens win Super Bowl

    well done.

    Ravens are the most balance team in the playoffs no doubt. Here's hoping that conveys to the SB win.
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