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    Is there any chance...

    Chuck and Cam have been saving different looks for the postseason? I don't remember seeing a whole lot of exotic fronts/schemes, or a ton of misdirection. It seems they both game planned effectively but pretty much stayed the course. Unless I'm not sophisticated enough to have seen what they were actually doing during the reg. season correctly. Our run game thrived and Joe had a great year depsite the decline in #'s (that can be attributed to some things non-Joe related). I'd hope that we don't change too much on the offensive side of the ball other than actually scoring in the 2nd half of games. Wouldn't wanna take these boys outta rhythm.

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    Re: Is there any chance...

    They may throw in a thing or two different, but I'm sure they will stick with what got them here for the most part

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    Re: Is there any chance...

    This topic comes up every year.

    I think at this point you are who you are and you do what got you here.

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    Re: Is there any chance...

    Yes. Instead of the conventional end around for no gain, you'll see an end around that loses 5 yards.

    Seriously though, that's for the Ravens to know and for us fans to speculate about. I suspect they'll stick with the bread & butter. Maybe a gimmick play on Special Teams or some such.

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    Re: Is there any chance...

    I really like the shotgun more then behind center I always have regardless of team just seems more effective.


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